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Notice of the Office of the People's Government of Anshun City on Printing and Distributing the Responsibility Decomposition Plan of Anshun City's Thirteenth Provincial People's Congress Intensive Inspection Report in 2019
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name: Notice of the Office of the People's Government of Anshun City on Printing and Distributing the Responsibility Decomposition Plan of Anshun City's Thirteenth Provincial People's Congress Intensive Inspection Report in 2019

Relevant departments of the municipal government:

The "Responsibility Decomposition Plan for Anshun City's 13th Provincial People's Congress Concentrated Inspection Report Report" has been agreed by the leaders of the municipal government and is now being distributed to you. Leading units should give full play to their leading role, fulfill their responsibilities, propose specific and feasible measures in a targeted manner, and promote the implementation of the relevant work recommendations of the Municipal People's Congress deputies; all responsible units should actively cooperate and actively report the implementation to the leading units. The lead unit collects and summarizes the report on the implementation of the work, and reports it to the Municipal Office before February 14, 2020.

December 26, 2019

(This is publicly released)

Anshun City's 13th National People's Congress

Breakdown of situation report responsibility

1. It is recommended to take multiple measures to solve the local government debt risk scientifically. The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that "the financial supervision system must be improved to keep the bottom line where systemic financial risks do not occur." Fiscal and financial risks caused by local government debt have become one of the most important risks in the current economic operation. The central government has put the battle to prevent and resolve major risks first among the "three major battles", and preventing and controlling local debt risks is one of them. An important element. It is suggested to handle the relationship between debt risk and development well, and take development as the path and method for debt management, such as the further development and development of Huangguoshu tourist area. It is also possible to scientifically solve the risk of local government debt by carrying out asset securitization, introducing private capital, and reasonably matching the investment maturity structure and debt maturity structure. (Lead unit: Municipal Finance Bureau; Responsible unit: Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Government Office <City Finance Office>)

2. It is recommended to attach great importance to people's mediation. People's mediation has a great effect on timely settlement of civil disputes, maintenance and repair of interpersonal relationships between families and neighbours, and avoiding the escalation of conflicts. Resolving disputes through mediation, the parties may also shake hands and make peace, compared with the lawsuit society. The effect is better, and it can reduce the time, money, and energy loss of the people in lawsuits. It is a way to resolve social contradictions with Chinese characteristics. Therefore, governments at all levels have increased their support for people's mediation in terms of staffing and funding. In order to achieve the effect of twice the effort with a small amount of effort. Guanling Autonomous County's Broken Bridge People's Court's "three-step mediation method" is also a type of mediation work. The use of pre-court mediation to resolve disputes and contradictions has obvious effects, saving a lot of judicial resources and people's manpower. The social and legal effects are very effective. Well, it is worth vigorously promoting in the city. (Lead unit: Municipal Bureau of Justice)

3. It is recommended to pay attention to socially disadvantaged groups. While paying attention to rural poor households, we must also pay attention to the living conditions of low-income groups such as poor households and low-income households in urban residents. We must fully consider the living pressure caused by factors such as rising pork prices on vulnerable groups. We must adopt multiple methods. Strengthen the urban-rural integration, continuously narrow the poverty gap, and lay a solid foundation for the ultimate realization of common prosperity. (Leader: Civil Affairs Bureau)

4. It is recommended to pay attention to people's livelihood issues. To effectively solve the "last mile" problem of making things difficult for the people to truly feel the effectiveness of the "last mile" service, we must pass the theme education activity of "do not forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind". The gap lies in the implementation of the work. (Lead unit: Municipal Government Service Center)

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