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Notice of the Anshun Municipal People's Government Office on Adjusting the Forest and Grassland Fire Fighting Emergency Command of Anshun City
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name: Notice of the Anshun Municipal People's Government Office on Adjusting the Forest and Grassland Fire Fighting Emergency Command of Anshun City

The counties, autonomous counties, district people's governments (administrative committees), municipal government departments, and public institutions:

According to the organization setup, personnel changes and work needs, the Municipal People's Government decided to adjust the composition of the Anshun Forest Grassland Fire Fighting Emergency Command. After soliciting opinions from relevant departments, the relevant matters are notified as follows:

General Director: Xiang Changquan, Standing Committee Member of the Municipal Committee

Executive Deputy Chief Commander: Deputy Mayor Wang Chenggang

Deputy Chief Commander: Executive Deputy Secretary-General of Pan Xinglong Municipal Government

Deputy Secretary-General of Teng Anzheng Municipal Government

Director of the Emergency Bureau of Xianglianshu City

Director of Lishunan Forestry Bureau

Li Bin Executive Deputy Director, Public Security Bureau

Yang Huachang, Director of the Operational Readiness Construction Division of Anshun Army

Liu Huiwu, Captain of Anshun Detachment

Wang Yong, Captain of the Fire Fighting Detachment

Member: Yang Ling, Deputy Minister of Propaganda Department

Zhang Kepin Deputy Director, Development and Reform Commission

Investigator, Sunenhai Education Bureau

Zou Dezhi Deputy Director of Science and Technology Bureau

Li Shengwen Deputy Director of Industry and Information Technology Bureau

Zhang Ming Deputy Director of Civil Affairs Bureau

Member of the Party Group of Wu Xiaosong Finance Bureau and Director of the Municipal Finance Bureau

Jing Guangrong Deputy Director of Natural Resources Bureau

Song Jinghong Deputy Director of Transportation Bureau

Member of the Party Group and Deputy County-level Cadre of Zhou Rongshu Agriculture and Rural Bureau

Chen Yifang, Deputy Director of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau

Wang Qiang Deputy Director of Commerce Bureau

Cheng Tianjiang Executive Deputy Director of Health Bureau

Deputy Director of Wuyouqiao Emergency Bureau

Jian Wei, Deputy Director of Forestry Bureau

Deputy Director of Baixiang Meteorological Bureau

Mo Xiaoju Deputy Chief of the Fire Fighting Detachment

Chen Hua Deputy Director of Anshun Radio Management Bureau

Jin Weiqun Deputy Chief of Anshun Detachment, Armed Police

Liu Bo Chief of Staff, Third Regiment, Guizhou Army Infantry Division

Wu Wenhong Deputy General Manager of China Telecom Anshun Branch

Xu Gang Deputy General Manager, China Mobile Anshun Branch

Huang Qi Deputy General Manager of China Unicom Anshun Branch

Liang Xiurong, Deputy General Manager of Huangguoshu Airport Management Company

Li Qiang, Director of Anshun Station, Guiyang Depot

Duan Zhouling Anyang West High Speed Rail Station Director

The headquarters office is located in the Municipal Emergency Bureau, and is responsible for the daily work of the headquarters. The adjustment of members of the headquarters is announced by the headquarters office. The headquarters and the headquarters office do not make seals, and documents are issued and issued by the municipal emergency bureau on behalf of the work.

December 20, 2019

(This is publicly released)

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