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Notice of the People's Government of Anshun City
Date: 2019-12-17 10:39 Article size: Large, Medium and Small
The index number: 000014349 / 2019-2024399 Category: Personnel appointment and removal
Issuing agency: Date of issue:
Symbol: Anfu Ren (2019) No. 19 is it effective:
name: Notice of the People's Government of Anshun City

The counties, autonomous counties, district people's governments (administrative committees), municipal government departments, and public institutions:

The Municipal People's Government decided:

Comrade Zhi Yang was appointed Director of the Housing Property Management Office of Anshun City;

Comrade Guo Yuanyuan served as Dean of Anshun Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and ceased to serve as Dean (Director) of Anshun Maternal and Child Health Hospital (Anshun Children's Hospital and Anshun Maternal and Child Health Family Planning Service Center)

Comrade Jiang Guichuan no longer holds the post of Director (Director) of Anshun Agricultural Machinery Service Center (Anshun Agricultural Machinery Bureau).

December 14, 2019

(This is publicly released)

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