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Anshun City Held Anti-crime Supervision and Rectification Work Promotion Conference
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On July 18, the city held a meeting to advance the work of cracking down on evil and supervising rectification. The purpose of the meeting was to deeply study the spirit of the Central Government's 19th Steering Group to Supervise the Guizhou Province's Situation Feedback Conference, analyze the existing problems in the supervision and rectification work of our city, and do a good job of supervision and rectification work, and promote the city's special campaign Strive for comprehensive and in-depth development of research and deployment.
Zhang Benqiang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Deputy Mayor Yang Jing, Director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, President Jiang Hao of the Municipal People's Court, and Prosecutor Wu Ying of the Municipal People's Procuratorate attended the meeting.
The meeting pointed out that since the Central Steering Group entered Guizhou Province to conduct supervision, the relevant departments at all levels throughout the city have seriously implemented the requirements of the Central Steering Group and the provincial, provincial, and municipal governments of the provincial party committee, earnestly improved political standing, strengthened responsibility, and insisted on superintendence. Side reforms, real reforms, immediate reforms, and solid progress in rectification have achieved initial results. Relevant departments at all levels must further strengthen their confidence in supervising and rectifying work, maintain a high degree of vigilance and a clear understanding, further enhance their sense of responsibility and urgency in their work, and promote the continuous victory of special struggles.
The meeting called for focusing on key tasks, improving political standing, strengthening punishment in accordance with the law, deepening comprehensive governance, strengthening deep investigation, strengthening grassroots organizations, and strengthening organizational leadership, and effectively supervising and rectifying work throughout the "not forgetting the original intention, keeping in mind the mission The theme education always runs through the special struggle to combat evil and eliminate evil, and promotes supervision and rectification work to achieve practical results. It is necessary to increase safeguards, implement safeguard measures in a comprehensive manner, further strengthen coordination and coordination, deepen supervision and promotion, and improve work style, ensure that rectification and reform work achieves practical results, and promote the special fight against evil and get rid of evils to achieve new and greater results.
At the meeting, Xixiu District, Pingba District, and Municipal Transportation Bureau made exchange speeches. Relevant persons in charge of the member units of the leading group for the special campaign to combat crime and eliminate evil, the secretary of the political and legal committees of the county party committees, and the director of the public security bureau attended the meeting.

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