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The Central Sweep and Evil 19th Supervision Team The Fourth Sinking Team to Pingba Supervision Work
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On April 18th, Niu Kegan, the leader of the 4th sinking group of the 19th supervision and control group of the central government, led a team to Pingba District to supervise the work. Shi Yun, the deputy leader of the fourth sinking group and the leader of the provincial assistance supervision group, participated in the supervision.

In Pingba District, the fourth sinking group first focused on six aspects, including political standing, severe punishment according to law, comprehensive management, deep investigation, organizational construction, and organizational leadership, and worked with the Pingba District Party Committee, district government, and relevant departments and units. The person in charge held individual talks, consulted relevant materials, and understood the basic situation, general thinking, working situation, measures and other basic conditions of the special struggle against black and evil in Pingba District from a macro perspective, and conducted some key issues and cases. Thematic supervision. Subsequently, the fourth sinking group came to Leping and Qibo towns to conduct individual talks with relevant responsible comrades at the township and village levels and some safe volunteers, issue questionnaires, and visit streets, shops, village houses, mines, streets, etc. Key sites, on-site inspections of relevant towns and villages using technical means to implement public security monitoring work processes, micro-level understanding of the role of grass-roots party organizations in fighting fortresses, and contacting and mobilizing the masses, orderly carrying out propaganda and education, joint prevention and treatment, and emergency treatment Work. At present, the fourth sinking group is analyzing and sorting out the situation learned by the sinking supervisor.

Zhang Benqiang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee, and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, accompanied the supervision.

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