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Anshun, which means "Guotai, Min'an, good weather and good weather", has the reputation of "China's Waterfall Township", "Tunbao Culture Town" and "Western Show". It currently governs Xixiu District, Pingba District, Puding County, Zhenning Buyi and Miao Autonomous County, Guanling Buyi and Miao Autonomous County, Ziyun Miao Buyi Autonomous County, Anshun Economic and Technological Development Zone and Huangguoshu Tourist Area have 8 counties and districts, with a total area of 9,267 square kilometers and a total population of 3 million. Ethnic minorities account for 39% of the registered population. Anshun has a superior location and convenient transportation. Known as "the belly of Guizhou, the throat of Yunnan, and the lips and teeth of Shu Yue", it is an important growth pole in the central Guizhou economic zone and an important central city in the central Guizhou urban agglomeration. The Shanghai-Kunming Expressway runs through the east and west, and counties and counties in the country are connected to the highway, and the rural and rural roads are connected to the oil road. The Guizhou-Kunming Railway runs through the whole territory. The airport has been opened to Beijing and Shanghai ... [detailed]

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