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Zhenning Autonomous County, Anshun City organizes a practical training meeting on the handling of letters and visits
Date: 2019-12-31 11:49 Article size: large, medium and small

Recently, Zhenning Autonomous County organized a training meeting on the practical handling of letters and visits. The responsible persons of the Zhenning Autonomous County Letters and Calls Bureau participated in the meeting. The township (street) and county-level relevant departments' specific letter and visit business backbones participated in the training.

The responsible comrades of the Zhenning Autonomous County Letters and Calls Bureau's Mass Service Unit explained the relevant content of the "Guidelines for Handling Letters and Calls in Guizhou Province" (manual) in detail, and provided supplementary explanations for related work.

The training session emphasized that the petitioning cadres of various townships (streets) and county-related work units (departments) should first register, accept, handle, review, review, open, query, evaluate, Relevant parties should study carefully and systematically, further standardize the handling of letters and visits, and work hard to improve the efficiency of letter and visit work, in order to adapt to the pragmatic basis of letter and visit work under the new situation. Second, we must promptly investigate and resolve disputes between letters and visits, and strive for In 2019, Zhenning Autonomous County has achieved good results in the evaluation of petitions. Third, in the coming year, it is necessary to complete the relevant work in 2019 in accordance with the quality guarantee in a timely manner, and submit relevant information in a timely manner, and strive to achieve good results in petitions in Zhenning Autonomous County in 2019.

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