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Ziyun County of Anshun City Holds New Social Class Association
Release date: 2019-12-30 10:32 Article size: large, medium and small
On December 28, the new social class people association in Ziyun Autonomous County was held, and a total of 300 people from all walks of life in the county gathered together.
The fraternity was divided into several sessions, including discussions, quizzes on poverty alleviation knowledge, awards of the "Contribution Award for the Alleviation of Poverty Alleviation in 2019", donations, and cultural dinners.
It is understood that since the establishment of Ziyun's new social class society in December 2018, it has adhered to the principle of “full respect, extensive contacts, strengthened solidarity, enthusiastic help, and active guidance”, carried out more than 10 public welfare activities, and donated 70,000 yuan. Yu Yuan donated 234 sets of school uniforms, and his work was widely recognized and praised by the society. The fraternity also formulated and implemented the "post poverty alleviation, industrial poverty alleviation, and one-on-one poverty alleviation" plan for Ziyun's actual development, contributing to Ziyun's efforts to overcome poverty.

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