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Xixiu District: Strengthening team training to improve emergency response capabilities
Date: 2019-12-28 11:32 Article size: large, medium and small

On the afternoon of December 26, the Xixiu District Emergency Management Bureau organized a party day event and a training activity for cadres and staff to improve the ability of the cadres and staff members to organize a disaster relief material storage warehouse.

During the activity, all cadres and employees learned the main performance, component composition, construction site selection, and collection skills of the emergency tent during the demonstration. They worked closely with each other to quickly and orderly build and withdraw the tent in accordance with the operating procedures. For training purposes.

Through the tent construction training, all cadres and workers have mastered the basic emergency tent construction skills, standardized the procedures for dealing with disasters, and ensured that they can effectively play the role of disaster relief tents in the event of sudden disasters. lay the foundation.

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