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Guanling: 30,000 ecological forest chickens were sent to Qingdao one after another
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In order to promote the cooperation of poverty alleviation between Chengyang District and Guanling Autonomous County, and help the poor people in Guanling Autonomous County to get rid of poverty and increase their income, Bonia Company of Chengyang District of Qingdao signed an order for 30,000 ecological forest chickens with Guanling Autonomous County Supply and Marketing Cooperative. Recently, the first batch of 7,100 ecological forest chickens have been shipped from Guiyang Digital Poultry and Egg Distribution Center to Chengyang District, Qingdao.

As one of the first batch of broiler suppliers, Changba Village, Shangguan Town, early in the morning, the village cadres rushed to pack the ecological breeding chickens under the forest fed by the village cooperative farms into the carts.

The chicken is a chicken under the forest just caught from the mountain, very spiritual.

In the past, the chickens under the forest farmed by the Changba Village Cooperative had not been profitable because of no market and no market. Now, after the continuous efforts of the county production and sales team, they have successfully established a sales platform with Qingdao to solve the sales problem.

Wang Dengyan, director of Changba Village, Shangguan Town, told reporters: "The chickens we raised in Changba Village since the establishment of the cooperative are self-produced and sold, and the sales are not good. worry."

Not only that, through this "order-based" model, the village cooperatives adjusted the industrial structure of the farms, while guaranteeing income, it also boosted the employment of poor households who set up files in the village.

He Tianzheng, a villager in Changba Village, Shangguan Town, said with a smile: "I now feed chickens with cooperatives and give me a subsidy of 3,000 yuan a month. I can take care of my family and even make crops. Now I sell them. I Also happy. "

It is understood that under-forest ecological breeding chickens have smooth and bright coats and are full of luster; chickens are firm, firm, and tender, and have unique flavors, which are well received by consumers. In this order, the weight of the chicken will be selected at about 3 catties, each priced at 50 yuan, and the total sales of 30,000 chickens will be 1.5 million, which will bring 240,000 yuan to the village cooperatives involved. Profit.

Ever since Qingdao Chengyang and Guanling Autonomous County formed a co-operative unit in the east and west, the two places have continuously deepened cooperation. Guanling has high-quality agricultural products, and Qingdao has a vast consumer market. With the joint efforts of both parties, it has successfully established sales channels and won a large number of orders for Guanling.

Chen Mingsong, deputy director of the Supply and Marketing Cooperative of Guanling Autonomous County, said: "The special production and marketing class was established in the county, and the implementation was mainly carried out by the county supply and marketing cooperative. We have reached a preliminary agreement with Polya and we are trying to sign the next 700,000 orders, laying a solid foundation for the industry's poverty alleviation in the county. "

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