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Anshun Ziyun: Theme Education in the Eyes of the Masses
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In the theme education of “Do n’t forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind”, all levels and departments of Ziyun Autonomous County are based on their own posts, deeply rooted in the people ’s perspective and line, and put it into practice, focusing on solving ordinary people ’s concerns , Annoyance and anxiety, so that the people's sense of gain, happiness, and satisfaction are continuously improved.

Villager Chen Deshun of Hongguang Village, Wufeng Street:

In the past, the Laohouqing Formation and Maocaochong Formation in Hongguang Village had a lot of rocks in the middle of the village office, and there was no money to dig the construction of the Tongtong Road. Although the two groups were only 2 kilometers away from the village office in a straight line, there was no direct access to the village. Tongtong Road, Laohouqing Formation and Maocaochong Formation all need to detour to the village office for 12 kilometers to reach. Since September, the county party committee and government and coordinating unit have coordinated 5 million yuan to repair this road, and it is much easier for us to go to the village to do business. And now our village has developed ecological chicken farming, cherry planting, crisp red plum planting and other industries. Every year, we can guarantee a dividend of 6% of the share capital, and life is getting better every day.

Song Xinlin, a group of residents of Yunfeng Community, Maoying Town:

At the beginning of November, a cadre from the Yunfeng community explained to me the relevant policy on applying for the subsidy for nursing care for scattered living in special hardships during my visit to my home. Because I have no culture and I have a disability, I have not been able to handle it. Soon after, the community cadres came to me to help me with the application. After it was done, someone would take care of me, and solved the practical difficulties in my life. I no longer have to trouble relatives and friends to help with affairs or go to the street to buy daily necessities Already.

Liang Deming, a villager in Xinchang Village, Bandang Town:

As soon as it rained, my doorway was full of mud, and the ground became extremely slippery. I was afraid to go out because I was old and afraid of falling. Now that the government has hardened the courtyard of my house, I no longer have to worry about slippery roads on rainy days. I ’ll go out and walk around when things are all right. The activities are old and the days are getting more and more interesting. The grid director and the supporting cadres in the village also came to see me at three points and five points, and also enthusiastically helped me to handle some things. Thank you very much!

Zhang Dingming, a villager of Hehong Village, Spark Town:

Now, the roads between our village groups have been converted into concrete roads, and the yards and dams of each household have also been hardened. In many places, dustbins have been placed, and special people come to the door to transport garbage. The infrastructure in the village More and more perfect, and the environment is getting more and more beautiful, the days of "every day on a sunny day, all rain on a mud day" are gone, and everyone ’s days are happier.

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