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Anshun Guanling Middle School: Focus on rectification and improvement of education quality
Date: 2019-12-27 11:35 Article size: Large, Medium and Small

In carrying out the theme education of “Do n’t forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind”, the Guanling Autonomous County Ethnic High School continued to combine the key work with the theme education, proactively find the shortcomings in the work, actively rectify and improve the quality of the school's education.

Recently, at the "2019 Anshun Ordinary High School Teaching Quality Analysis Conference and Summary Recognition Conference" organized by the city, Guanling National High School won the Teaching Quality Contribution Award and the Second Prize for Teaching Quality Improvement. For a long time, Guanling Nationalities Senior High School has been strictly searching for problems and rectifying problems in strict accordance with the school philosophy of "all for teaching and all for students". Efforts should be made to cultivate a team of outstanding teachers who are knowledgeable, well-educated, dedicated and caring, and caring about students to ensure the continuous improvement of teaching quality.

Qi Weizheng, a teacher at Guanling National Senior Middle School, said, "I was greatly encouraged to receive the award on December 16. I felt very excited. It was both affirmed by my superiors and made me feel that my mission was on my shoulders and the responsibility was great. The leaders 'suggestions suggest that after sharing and exchanging the teachers' experience and achievements, I realized that in the future, I will not forget the original intention of education and continue to fulfill the mission of ethics and education. " , Guanling National High School combines key work with themed education. Insist on learning while reforming, that is, change as you learn, pay close attention to the shortcomings and problems in the work, aim at the hotspots and difficulties that students care about, and solidly promote the theme education to achieve practical results.

Zheng Shikui, a teacher at Guanling National Senior Middle School, said, "I have found two problems during the tutoring process for the senior high school students in 2019. First, the students' foundation is relatively poor, and there will be some difficult problems in the tutoring process. Second, Students ’mood swings are relatively large and their self-confidence is not enough. Between April and May, there are still some students in our class who want to go out through supplementary institutions to quickly improve their academic performance."

In response to the problem that some students have a poor learning foundation in the college entrance examination, the school has set up a study assistance group to provide special counselling for students with weak subjects. And communicate with students in a timely manner to guide students to use scientific methods to learn.

Guan Biao, a senior student of Guanling Nationality Senior Middle School in Guanling Autonomous County, said: "Only when we are studying down-to-earth can we get good grades and enter our ideal university." Aiming at students' weak foundation, high psychological pressure, insufficient self-confidence, and inadequate nutrition, the school set up special guidance groups to provide psychological counseling and teaching guidance to students.

Zuo Mingsong, deputy principal of Guanling National Senior Middle School, said: "In the next step, we will combine psychological education, teaching services, test preparation, logistical support, home-school cooperation, etc. for the junior high school students in 2020 in combination with the theme of" do not forget the original heart and remember the mission " On the other hand, we will strengthen work arrangements and arrangements to provide a strong guarantee for the success of our 2020 college entrance examination and the achievement of excellent results for senior students. "

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