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Anshun Guanling Power Supply Bureau has taken various measures to prepare for the winter
Date: 2019-12-27 11:26 Article size: Large, Medium and Small

In order to fully meet the people's power needs, recently, the staff of the power distribution station of the Power Supply Bureau of Guanling Autonomous County carried out "on-line" replacement operations of multiple transformers in the area under the jurisdiction of Guanling County to improve the reliability of power supply and effectively ensure that the people can safely and safely survive the winter Have a pleasant Spring Festival.

At the site of Liangshuijing in Huajiang Town, the roar of the crane roaring through the streets, a group of electric workers in dark blue overalls and blue hard hats are working hard, carrying cross-arms and tightening screws ... Orderly development.

Site construction worker Zhao Dashuang said: "This is the third transformer we came to Huajiang to change from 315 kV to 630 kV, in order to ensure that local residents can use Anxin during the Spring Festival."

During the winter peak season, the residential electricity load is too high, and the load surges to the critical value that the transformer can withstand. In order to ensure the stable operation of the power grid system and not affect the ordinary people's daily electricity consumption, the Power Supply Bureau upholds "solving problems for the people" The principle is to increase the inspection of lines and power distribution equipment, carry out line transformation and increase transformer capacity in a planned manner, and actively do a good job of ensuring power supply during the winter season to ensure stable and reliable operation of the power grid.

Luo Kejiang, deputy director of the power distribution station of the Guanling Power Supply Bureau, said: "According to previous years' load testing and current load growth, we at the Guanling Power Supply Bureau's Yingfengdudong project plan to replace more than 40 transformers in the Guanling jurisdiction. As of now, We have replaced 11 units. In the next time, we will replace more than 30 units one after another. In addition, we also carry out special inspections and equipment temperature measurement on 10 kV lines to eliminate electricity safety in time and eliminate 10 kV. Hidden dangers of (line) and equipment. Let the common people use safe and reliable electricity during the Spring Festival. "The replacement of the transformer was carried out with power on, which not only effectively reduced the area of power outage but also reduced Multiple teams carried out at several points of transformer replacement at the same time, and truly achieved "fast, timely, and effective", and fully implemented the corporate purpose of "every family lights, South China Network affection".

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