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Xi Jinping publishes a signed article "Continuation of a New Chapter in the Thousand Years of Cellular Friendship" in Myanmar Media
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On January 16, on the eve of a state visit to the Federal Republic of Myanmar, President Xi Jinping simultaneously published a brand-new title entitled "Continuing the millennium of cellular sentiments" in Myanmar's "Light of Myanmar", "Mirror" and "Burma Global Shinko". Article by Signature. The article is as follows:

Continue to write a new chapter in the friendship of millennia

Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China

I am very pleased to pay a state visit to Myanmar on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Myanmar at the invitation of President Wen Min. I visited this beautiful land in 2009. I was very impressed by Myanmar's beautiful and peaceful scenery, colorful culture, and hard-working people. Through this visit, I look forward to recounting the "Bobo" friendship with my Myanmar friends and discussing cooperation plans.

China and Myanmar are connected by mountains and rivers, and have lived next to each other for generations. In Burmese, "Bobo" means a brother of a mother and a fellow. The peoples of the two countries have been affiliated with each other since ancient times, and the "cell wave" friendship has a long history. As early as the 4th century BC, our ancestors opened the "gold and silver avenue" that runs through Sichuan, Yunnan, Burma, and India. During the prosperous Tang Dynasty of China, the Burmese King of Burma led a dance band to visit Chang'an a short distance, and the famous poet Bai Juyi wrote the eternally sung song "骠 国 乐". Myanmar was the first to recognize New China among countries with different social systems. The leaders of the older generations of the two countries have put into practice and devoted much effort to the development of China-Myanmar relations. Premier Zhou Enlai visited Myanmar nine times. He was wearing Burmese national costumes to celebrate the water-splashing festival with the people of Myanmar.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations 70 years ago, China and Myanmar have advocated and practiced the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, always trusting each other, respecting each other, and supporting each other. They have established a model of equal treatment, mutual benefit and win-win development for both countries, and brought the people of both countries. Tangible benefits.

——The foundation of mutual political trust between the two countries is stronger. In the 1960s, China and Burma took the lead in solving the border issue in the spirit of equal consultation, mutual understanding and mutual accommodation. At present, the two countries have frequent high-level exchanges, and the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership has continued to develop steadily. China firmly supports Myanmar's development path in line with its own national conditions, supports the efforts of the Myanmar government to promote domestic peace and national reconciliation, and supports Myanmar in safeguarding its legitimate rights and interests and national dignity on the international stage. Myanmar firmly supports China on issues involving China's core interests and major concerns.

——The pragmatic cooperation between the two countries is getting bigger and bigger. The economies of China and Myanmar are highly complementary and have great potential. China has maintained Myanmar's status as the country's largest trading partner and the most important source of investment for a long time. In the first 11 months of 2019, bilateral trade volume reached US $ 16.8 billion, and more and more Myanmar agricultural and livestock products entered China's millions of households. Cooperation in various fields such as infrastructure construction has yielded fruitful results. Myanmar is an important country along the “Belt and Road” initiative. The two sides have deepened their development strategies, signed relevant documents for co-construction of the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor, and established a joint working committee. The corridor construction has been progressing steadily.

——The bond of cultural exchange between the two countries is increasingly tightened. The active exchanges between China and Myanmar in culture, religion, and personnel have provided solid support for deepening the "cell wave" friendship. The Chinese national treasure-level cultural relic Buddha Tooth Relic was invited to Myanmar for worship four times, and Myanmar donated a Burmese-style Buddhist temple at the White Horse Temple in Luoyang. China has launched a "Bright Walk" and rescue operation for children with congenital heart disease in Myanmar, bringing the gospel to many patients. China's outstanding film and television works have caused a warm response in Myanmar.

This year, China will build a well-off society in an all-round way and achieve its first century-long goal. New achievements have been made in Myanmar's economic and social development. The two sides should take the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations as an opportunity to promote traditional friendship, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, and push China-Myanmar relations into a new era.

——Strengthening strategic communication and drawing up a new blueprint for bilateral relations. The two sides should continue to carry forward the leadership role of high-level exchanges, strengthen communication and coordination at all levels, promote development experience sharing, continue to firmly support each other on issues related to each other's core interests, deepen the comprehensive strategic partnership from a strategic and long-term perspective, and let the sense of community of destiny The hearts of the peoples of the two countries have taken root. China supports Myanmar in advancing the process of domestic peace and reconciliation through political dialogue, and the two sides must jointly maintain peace and stability at the border.

-Deepen economic and trade exchanges and inject new momentum for mutually beneficial cooperation. The two sides should deepen the practical cooperation in the joint construction of the “Belt and Road” framework, promote the transition of the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor framework from the concept to the substantive planning and construction phase, and vigorously promote the three ends of the Kyaukpyu Special Economic Zone, the China-Myanmar Border Economic Cooperation Zone, and the Yangon New City. Deepen pragmatic cooperation in the fields of connectivity, power and energy, transportation, agriculture, finance, and people's livelihood, and let China-Myanmar mutually beneficial cooperation release more dividends for the benefit of the people.

——Intensify exchanges and mutual learning, and add new connotation of “cell wave” friendship. The two sides have identified this year as the "Year of China-Myanmar Cultural Tourism" and believes that Myanmar's beautiful natural landscape and rich cultural monuments will attract more and more Chinese tourists. The two sides will organize a series of celebrations around the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, expand exchanges and cooperation in the fields of education, religion, media, film and television, and continuously consolidate the support of friendly public opinion between China and Myanmar, so that the friendship between the “Bobo” will be more deeply rooted and renewed.

-Enhance coordination and cooperation to create a new situation in regional peace and stability. At present, unilateralism and protectionism are on the rise, and both sides need to strengthen coordination and cooperation within the framework of multilateral mechanisms such as the United Nations, East Asian cooperation, and Lancang-Mekong cooperation. Carry forward the spirit of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence in the new era, promote the establishment of a new type of international relations of mutual respect, fairness and justice, and win-win cooperation, and strive to build a community of shared future for mankind.

There is a common saying in China and Myanmar: "The closer your relatives go, the closer your friends get closer." Standing at a new starting point in the 70-year history of establishing diplomatic relations, we are willing to work together with our Myanmar friends to promote the establishment of a closer China-Myanmar community of destiny and continue to write a new movement of the millennium "cell wave" friendship.

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