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At the highest standard democratic life meeting, Xi Jinping's requirements were of great significance.
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[During the study ] The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held a special democratic life meeting "Don't forget your original heart and remember your mission" from December 26 to 27. General Secretary Xi Jinping chaired the meeting and delivered an important speech. At this meeting of the highest-level democratic life, Xi Jinping made demands on leading cadres, especially the comrades of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee. Xinhua News Agency's original brand column "Workshop" launched an article today for your interpretation.

From December 26 to 27, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee held a special democratic life meeting, and General Secretary Xi Jinping chaired the meeting and delivered an important speech.

An important node in the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. Our party is about to usher in a critical moment of its centennial birthday. What requirements does Xi Jinping place on leading cadres, especially the comrades of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, at this democratic meeting of the highest standard?

Fasten the ideal and conviction "master switch"

——To share the fate with the people.

It has become the practice in recent years for the Central Political Bureau to hold a democratic life conference at the end of the year. The theme of this special democratic life conference is "Don't forget your original heart and keep your mission in mind".

In his speech, Xi Jinping summarized the comrades' inspection speeches of the Central Political Bureau, and put forward requirements for the Central Political Bureau to implement the spirit of the eight central regulations and solve the formalist problems that troubled the grassroots.

He pointed out that party members and cadres should "always take unreserved initial intentions and remember missions as compulsory and regular courses, and always ask and guard their initial intentions."

Without forgetting the original intention and remembering the mission, we must always be firm in our ideals and convictions. "Pruning and pruning leaves in time, supplementing calcium and strengthening bones, and fasten the ideal and belief 'master switch'", Xi Jinping proposed four "in":

——Bright flags in front of right and wrong,

-Fearless in the face of the storm test,

-Stand firm in the face of various temptations,

-Let the party be trusted, reliable, and reassuring at critical moments.

Ideals and beliefs are the political soul of Communists, and they are the essential requirements of Communists' initial intentions. Only when Communists establish lofty and firm ideals and convictions can they not forget their original intentions and keep their mission in mind.

In 2019, regardless of whether it is an investigation or a work conference, Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized the theme of "do not forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind". At this democratic life conference, he emphasized that he did not forget his original intention, remembered his mission, and in the final analysis it was the question of why and by whom. Taking the hearts of the people as the heart, breathing with the people, sharing the same fate, and connecting hearts are the party's original intention and the party's perseverance.

To this end, he made a clear request:

When thinking about problems, making decisions, and doing business, we must stand on the masses ’stand, understand the opinions and demands, criticisms, and suggestions of the masses through various channels, and truly resolve people ’s worries, relieve grievances, and warm the hearts of the people, so that the people will gain a sense of , Happiness, and security are more fulfilling, more secure, and more sustainable.

This is a requirement for the leading comrades of the Central Committee, and also for the majority of party members and cadres.

Become a cadre

——Dare to break through the barriers, not afraid of risks and challenges

In 2020, we will strive to achieve the first century-old goal and build a well-off society in an all-round way. The closer to the goal, the greater the need for the majority of party members and cadres to have a strong sense of political responsibility and a sense of historical mission.

At this special democratic life conference, Xi Jinping pointed out: At present, as a whole, the mental state of party members and cadres is good, but some party members and cadres still have problems of inaction, slow action, and even fake action.

In this regard, Xi Jinping pointed out that we must attach great importance to it and effectively resolve it. He made two "requirements" to party members, cadres, and especially leading cadres:

——Don't dare to break through the barriers and attack the city with political soberness in peace and calmness, rock-solid strategic determination, and an aggressive attitude of struggle.

——When encountering major risks and challenges, major work difficulties, and major conflicts, we must conduct research, come up with a plan, and promote work as soon as possible. We must not evade and go around, let alone be timid and afraid.

Always insisting on being aggressive and making determinations at special moments, Xi Jinping uses two "needs" to indicate the essence of "responsibility."

Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, from "firm belief, serving the people, diligent and pragmatic, dare to assume responsibility, honesty and integrity", to "three strict three truths" "there is a party in the heart, the people in the heart, the responsibility in the heart, and the commandment in the heart "... Xi Jinping has taught and repeatedly emphasized that leading cadres must dare to take responsibility and make a difference.

At the end of May, at the theme education work conference of “Do n’t forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind”, Xi Jinping emphasized that the majority of party members and cadres should “work hard to implement the work with a nailed spirit” and “work hard to create results that can stand the test of practice, people and history.

At this special democratic life conference, Xi Jinping once again emphasized the importance of "being a cadre": how much responsibility can be done for many careers and how much responsibility can be achieved.

Improve "comprehensive capabilities" and "specific skills"

——Propose four "necessities", closely follow one "real"

The world today is experiencing unprecedented changes in a century. The situation at home and abroad is undergoing profound and complex changes, and risks and challenges from various aspects have increased significantly.

Faced with the new situation, Xi Jinping pointed out: It is urgent for us to work harder to strengthen national system construction and governance capacity building so that our institutional advantages can be brought into full play and better transformed into governance effectiveness.

How to make the system truly take root?

Xi Jinping emphasized that the key is that leading cadres must play a leading role. Comrades of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee must take the lead. The most important thing is to resolutely maintain the party's central authority and centralize unified leadership, resolutely implement the party and state systems, and resolutely implement the party's central committee. Take the lead in decision deployment.

How to measure national governance capacity?

Xi Jinping put forward two "embodiments": not only in our comprehensive ability to set direction, make overall plans, set policies, and promote reforms, but also in our specific ability to handle every aspect of affairs and every work.

For Comrade Central Political Bureau, Xi Jinping put forward four specific requirements:

——We must be good at observing the general situation, seeking the overall situation, and grasping major issues. At the same time, we must be good at analyzing the situation faced by the institute in charge of the overall situation, grasp the specific work in various fields and various aspects, and solve each practical problem and promote each specific issue. Work for the global job.

——It is necessary to strengthen the awareness and ability of system governance, law-based governance, comprehensive governance, and source governance, be good at planning and advancing the work of the party and state, and the areas and departments in charge, and be good at transforming the party's central decision-making arrangements. For the specific tasks of local and departmental departments, we must continue to resolve outstanding contradictions and problems in our work.

——We must take implementation as the main way of carrying out our work, use our brains, think of ways, and come up with real tricks, and earnestly carry out every task of the Party Central Committee's decision-making and deployment.

-In particular, we must carry forward the spirit of struggle, dare to face difficulties, and dare to overcome difficulties.

Xi Jinping usually said, "I am not right, I can't be right." The members of the Central Committee, the Political Bureau, and the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau are the "key minorities" among the "key minorities." Here is the ruler. Xi Jinping urged the comrades of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee to "respect themselves, reflect on the police, and encourage themselves" and "be cautious, be cautious, and be cautious."

Xi Jinping demanded that Comrades of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee should closely follow the "real" approach in carrying out their work: grasping the implementation, putting out real tricks, and earnestly carrying out various tasks one by one.

Xi Jinping's requirements on leading cadres are significant and far-reaching.

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