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Announcement of Anshun Municipal Medical Security Bureau on Convening Hearing of Medical Service Price Adjustment in Public Hospitals (No. 1)
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In order to fully implement the task of price reform in public hospitals, rationalize the price of medical services, and improve the democracy, science, and transparency of government price decisions, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Price Law of the People's Republic of China" and "The Government's Measures for the Development of Price Hearing", the city The Medical Insurance Bureau has decided to hold a hearing on the price adjustment of medical services in public hospitals in the city. The relevant matters are announced as follows:

I. Hearing matters

Hearing on the price adjustment of medical services in public hospitals in Anshun.

Meeting time

年2月上旬。 Early February 2020 .

Third, the number of participants in the hearing, observers, and news media and how to generate them

     (I) Staff composition

参加人员:本次听证会参加人拟定18人,其中,参保人代表10人,人大代表、政协委员各1人,专家2人,医疗机构代表4人。 1. Participants: Eighteen participants are planned for the hearing, including ten insured representatives, one each of the National People's Congress and CPPCC members, two experts, and four representatives of medical institutions.

旁听人员和新闻媒体人员:为增加公开性和透明度,本次听证会另设旁听席和新闻媒体席,旁听人员3-5人。 2. Observers and news media personnel: In order to increase openness and transparency, this hearing will have additional auditoriums and news media seats, with 3-5 observers.

(B) the production method

参保人代表、旁听人员采取自愿报名,随机选取的方式产生。 1. Insured representatives and observers will be generated by voluntary registration and random selection.

人大代表、政协委员由市人大常委会和市政协推荐产生。 2. Representatives of the National People's Congress and CPPCC members are recommended by the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee and the CPPCC.

专家由市卫健委和市财政局各指定1人。 3. The experts are appointed by the municipal health committee and the municipal finance bureau.

医疗机构代表由市人民医院、市妇幼保健院、市中医院、三二医院各指派1人。 4. Medical institution representatives are designated by the Municipal People's Hospital, the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital, the Municipal Traditional Chinese Hospital, and the 302 Hospital.

新闻媒体由市医疗保障局邀请参加。 5. The news media are invited to participate by the Municipal Medical Security Bureau.

Conditions for registration of hearing participants and observers

(I) Registration requirements for participants

我市常住人口,年满十八周岁,具有完全民事行为能力,有较强的社会责任感,热心公众事业。 1. The city's resident population, who has reached the age of eighteen, has full capacity for civil conduct, has a strong sense of social responsibility, and is enthusiastic about public causes.

了解我市医疗服务等方面的基本情况,能够就听证事项客观发表意见、阐明理由。 2. Understand the basic situation of the city's medical services, etc., and be able to objectively express opinions and clarify the reasons for the hearing matters.

遵守听证会纪律,保守商业机密。 3. Obey the hearing discipline and keep trade secrets.

同意公开必要的个人信息(包括姓名、性别、年龄、身份、职业等)。 4. Agree to disclose necessary personal information (including name, gender, age, identity, occupation, etc.).

(2) Registration requirements for observers

Able to attend the hearing on time and agree to abide by the disciplines and precautions of the hearing.

V. Registration Method

Those who intend to become participants and observers of the hearing can use the following two registration methods.

(1) Apply directly.

The applicant brought relevant materials to the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau (No. 17 Beishan Road, Xixiu District, Anshun City) for registration.

(B) Online registration .

The applicant will send the registration form to the email address of the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau:

:2020年1月3至1月18日工作时间。 (3) Registration time : Working hours from January 3 to January 18, 2020.

:杨迪 33283611 (IV) Contact : Yang Di 33283611

如到期无公民申请或申请人数未满,将按相关规定组织产生。 6. If there are no applications for citizenship or the number of applicants is less than the due date, they will be organized according to relevant regulations.

Special announcement.


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                                 Anshun Medical Security Bureau

年1月3日 January 3, 2020






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