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Anshun Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. Announcement of Invitation to Issue Comparison of 2020 Project Proceeds Creditor Underwriter Services Project Selection
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发行人 ”)基于战略发展需要,拟为2020年非公开发行项目收益专项公司债券服务项目(以下简称“本项目”)比选择优确定主承销商。 Based on the needs of strategic development, Anshun Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “ issuer ”) intends to determine the lead underwriter better than the special corporate bond service project (hereinafter referred to as the “project”) for the benefit of non-public issuance projects in 2020. This competition will be based on the principles of fairness, impartiality, merit selection and high efficiency. Bond underwriting institutions with professional qualifications and rich experience in China are invited to participate in this competition. 相关事宜公告如下: Related matters are announced as follows:

I. Project Overview

债券 提供承销专项服务,并配合 发行人 组织其他机构开展工作。 In order to optimize the financing structure, reduce financing costs, and display a good credit image in the capital market, the issuer intends to select the lead underwriter for the issuance of special corporate bonds for the proceeds of non-public issuance projects in 2020. The selected lead underwriter will be closed for this issue. Corporate bonds provide special underwriting services and cooperate with issuers in organizing other institutions to carry out their work.

项目名称: 安顺市工业投资有限责任公司2020年非公开发行项目收益专项公司债券 主承销商服务项目 1. Project Name: Anshun Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. 2020 Non-public Issuance Project Income Special Corporate Bond Lead Underwriter Service Project

融资规模及期限:暂定发行规模为不超过10亿元、期限不超过5年 ,票面利率具体以发行时市场利率为准 2. Financing scale and term: The tentative issue size is no more than 1 billion yuan and the term is no more than 5 years . The coupon rate is subject to the market interest rate at the time of issue.

2. Basic conditions for applicant selection

在中华人民共和国境内注册设立并合法有效存续,具有独立法人资格; 1. Registered and established in the territory of the People's Republic of China, legally and effectively, and has the status of an independent legal person;

经国务院证券监督管理机构审查批准成立的具有非公开公司债券承销业务资格;并具有经营证券业务许可证;最新《证券公司分类监管规定》中综合评定级别在BB级及以上; 2. Non-public corporate bond underwriting business qualifications established under the review and approval of the State Council's securities regulatory authority; and securities business licenses; the comprehensive assessment level in the latest "Regulations for the Classification and Supervision of Securities Companies" is BB or higher;

具有良好的商业信誉,近三年内在证券承销活动中没有违法记录、近一年未受到行政处罚; 3. Has a good business reputation, has no illegal records in securities underwriting activities in the past three years, and has not received administrative penalties in the past year;

比选最终确定者不得以任何形式将中选项目对外转包、分包。 4. The finalists of the comparison and selection shall not subcontract or subcontract the selected projects in any form.

、在行业内具有良好的知名度和影响力,有丰富的承销经验和良好的业绩。 5. Good reputation and influence in the industry, rich underwriting experience and good performance.

Service content of applicants

The responsibilities and obligations of the lead underwriter for this non-public corporate bond are as follows:

负责非公开发行公司债券的承销工作,协调会计师事务所、律师事务所、评级机构等中介机构工作进度,撰写申报材料,协调证券交易所审批发行事项、债券发行、债券流通和发行后续服务,推介发行债券并承担余额包销/代销责任。 1. Responsible for the underwriting of non-public issuance of corporate bonds, coordinate the work progress of intermediary agencies such as accounting firms, law firms, rating agencies, etc., write application materials, coordinate stock exchange approval of issuance issues, bond issuance, bond circulation and follow-up services , Recommend the issuance of bonds and assume the responsibility of balance underwriting / underwriting.

组建经验丰富、业绩优良的专业项目团队,确保按时优质完成发行工作; 2. Establish a professional project team with rich experience and excellent performance to ensure that the issuance work is completed on time and with high quality;

协助配合项目前期资产审计、项目建议书编制 、与主管机关事前事后沟通等事宜; 3. Assist in cooperating with pre-project asset audits, project proposal preparation , and ex-post communication with the competent authority;

代理或协助债券持有人依法进行债券交易; 4. Act or assist bond holders in bond transactions in accordance with law;

债券存续期间提供全部跟踪服务。 5. All tracking services are provided during the duration of the bond.

4. Collection of registration and comparison documents

经营许可证(复印件加盖鲜章)、授权委托书(需包括被授权人姓名、身份证号、授权事项)、2018年度审计报告复印件(加盖公章)。 1. Business license (photocopy stamped with fresh seal), power of attorney (including the name of the authorized person, ID card number, authorized matters), copy of 2018 annual audit report (with official seal).

报名方式及领取比选文件方式:请符合上述资质的比选申请人通过邮寄报名、现场报名或电子邮件的方式报名,我公司将对报名单位进行资格审核。 2. Registration method and method of obtaining comparison documents: Please compare the applicants who meet the above qualifications to register by mail, on-site registration or e-mail. Our company will conduct qualification review on the registration unit.

报名时间:2019年12月31日至2020年1月2日17:30前。 3. Registration time: December 31, 2019 to January 2, 2020 before 17:30. On-site registration time is 09: 00-12: 00 a.m., 14: 30-17: 30 p.m .; mail and e-mail registration must mail the registration materials to our company or The PDF file is sent to the designated mailbox.

V. Contact Information

Phone: Investment and Financing Department [0851-33833986]

qq.c om Email: [54940691 @ qq.c om ]

Contact Address: [3A Building, Yincheng Dijing, Longqing Road, Anshun City, Guizhou Province]

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