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Guizhou Provincial Party School Admissions for On-the-job Graduate Anshun Teaching Site in 2020
Date: 2019-12-18 11:07 Article size: large, medium and small

I. Enrollment: Cultural Industry Management

( Research Interests: Cultural Economics, Cultural Industry Management, National Cultural Industry)

2. Educational system and treatment

three-year education. Graduate students complete the study tasks as required by the teaching plan, pass the examination, pass the graduation thesis defense, and grant graduate graduation certificates, which enjoy the same treatment as national education.

3. Recruitment object and application conditions

Enrollment target: in-service cadres of party and government agencies, colleges and universities, enterprises and institutions.

Application conditions: University graduate.

Fourth, online registration and qualification review

(I) Online Registration

( 官网进入“研究生报名”入口报名。 Candidates log in to the " Guizhou Administration College of the CPC Guizhou Provincial Party School " ( official website to enter the "Graduate Registration" entrance to register.

(II) Qualification review

The qualification review period is from December 23 to 31, 2019; March 2 to 15, 2020. (Except Saturday and Sunday)

Applicants hold the original and photocopy of the graduation certificate, the original and photocopy of the ID card, and the “Application Form for Registration” after signing and stamping with the approval of the unit, and go to the municipal party school for on-site qualification review, and pay the registration fee and information fee Full name: Party School of the Anshun Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China; Account number: 2404030509026460796; Bank account: ICBC Guizhou Anshun Branch Jianshe Road Sub-branch) Receive review materials with payment bills.

Fifth, print a written test admission ticket

”(官网进入“研究生报名”入口,打印笔试准考证。 After passing the qualification examination, applicants log on to the official website of the Guizhou Provincial Party School Guizhou School of Administration ( to enter the "graduate registration" entrance and print a written test admission ticket.

6. Examination time: May 16-17, 2020

7. Counselling time before the test: March 14-15, 2020

Consulting Tel: 33344842, 33354443

Contact: Teacher Zhou, Teacher Li

Party School of CPC Anshun Municipal Committee

December 18, 2019

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