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Circular of Anshun Municipal People's Government Administrative Service Center on Formally Opening Anshun 12345 Non-Emergency Government Service Hotline
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打通服务群众、企业“最后一公里”,现就正式开通安顺市12345非紧急政府服务热线有关事项通告如下。 In order to improve the people ’s sense of happiness and gain, improve the service capacity and level of the government service hotline, optimize government public services, and open up the “last mile” to serve the people and enterprises, now officially open the related matters of the 12345 non-emergency government service hotline The announcement is as follows.

One,   Opening time

December 15, 2019

two,   Hotline number

Anshun city area dial: 12345

Call from non-Anshun city: 0851-12345, press number 3

three,   Hotline acceptance range

Anshun City's 12345 non-emergency government service hotline implements 24-hour centralized reception of consultations, complaints, suggestions, and help.

(1) Consultation of government affairs information and public service information such as the job responsibilities, policies and regulations, work procedures, law enforcement procedures, administrative examination and approval of relevant departments of Anshun Municipality;

(2) Non-emergency assistance within the scope of responsibility of the relevant departments of Anshun Municipal Government;

(3) Reporting and suggesting complaints concerning the administrative management, social management, and public services of relevant departments of the Anshun Municipal Government;

(4) Reporting complaints concerning the working style and administrative efficiency of the staff of the relevant departments of the Anshun Municipal Government, administrative agencies, and public service enterprises and institutions;

Scope of inadmissibility of the hotline

(1) Matters that are not within the scope of duties or services of the relevant departments of Anshun Municipal Government;

(2) Matters that should be handled through emergency service special lines such as 110, 119, and 120 according to law;

(3) Matters falling within the scope of responsibility of the party committee, the people's congress, the CPPCC, the court, the procuratorate, the army, and the armed police;

(4) Matters that should be resolved through litigation, arbitration, and administrative reconsideration according to law;

(5) Matters that have entered legal procedures such as litigation, arbitration, administrative reconsideration, letters and visits, and information disclosure or have been dealt with through the aforementioned legal procedures;

(6) Matters involving state secrets, trade secrets, and personal privacy;

(7) The same matter raised to the government service hotline without any new circumstances or new reasons by the claimant in the process of being processed or completed according to law;

(8) Matters that violate laws and regulations, harassment, or have no substantive appeal;

(9) It is not within the jurisdiction of our city and actual administrative authority.



December 15, 2019


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