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The Tobacco Monopoly Bureau of Anshun City continued to improve the service level for the people
Date: 2019-12-30 09:16 Article size: Large, Medium and Small

Recently, the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau of Anshun City, in light of the problems examined in the theme education of “Don't forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind”, comprehensively implements policies, addresses both the symptoms and the root causes, and strives to solve the “tired points” and “pain points” that are strongly reflected by grassroots cadres and people.
Think high. Stand firm for the masses, deeply study General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions on serving the people, and abstain from formalism and bureaucracy, guide party members and cadres to further strengthen their consciousness of serving the people wholeheartedly, understand and find out the roots of serving the people, Harm and crack method.
Advancing with hard measures. Through the implementation of plan management, process monitoring and management, informatization methods, normalized supervision and inspection, and interviewing for accountability, we should effectively implement hard measures such as reducing document control meetings and coordinating standardized inspections and assessments, so that the grassroots can truly feel the “burden reduction”. . Vigorously strengthen the investigation and research, and check people's sentiments and public opinions through various methods such as forum discussions, director's mailboxes, and field visits. Pay close attention to the problems discovered and the masses report strong problems, clarify the goals of the stage, continue rectification, and focus on solving a number of grass-roots concerns, annoyances, and uneasiness.
Guaranteed by a strong mechanism. Accelerate salary reform, establish a scientific and effective assessment and evaluation system that emphasizes performance, performance, and science, and makes full use of the results of assessments to truly establish a climate of truth-seeking and pragmatism. Regarding centralized rectification of formalism and bureaucracy as important measures to implement the responsibility of the main body, strengthen the construction of work style, and improve the ability of self-purification, the combination of "reform right now" and "reform right now" is often unremitting. Further improve the system regulations such as streamlining meeting documents, reports, and standard inspections and assessments to prevent "a gust of wind" implementation and the rebound of Wenshan Huihai.

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