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Anshun Market Supervision Bureau Holds Video Conference on System Safety in the City
Date: 2019-12-30 10:12 Article size: Large, Medium and Small

In order to further implement the spirit of the National, Provincial, and Municipal Work Safety Conference, arrange the deployment of work safety activities during the “Special Actions for Winter and Spring Safety Governance” and the “Two Sessions” and “Two Sections” to ensure that the safety production situation in the market supervision area of the city continues to be stable. , Anshun Market Supervision Bureau held a video conference on system safety in the city.

The meeting focused on conveying and learning the spirit of the national, provincial and municipal production safety conferences. Comrade Fan Zhongxiang, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, stressed that it is necessary to fully understand the importance of doing a good job in production safety, and to correctly understand the severe situation currently facing. Put the protection of people's lives and property in the first place, draw lessons from recent safety accidents, firmly establish a safety red line consciousness, take the initiative to shoulder political responsibility, and take a serious and responsible spirit to do a good job in market supervision in the fields of food, drugs, specialties Equipment, product quality and safety, and other tasks in production safety.

The meeting requested that in accordance with the requirements of the municipal party committee and government to conduct a large-scale investigation and achieve full coverage, the first is to focus on safety. Closely focus on food and drug safety, strengthen supervision over key links in food production, distribution, catering and consumption, and key species such as meat, vegetables, and new year foods, as well as in key areas such as tourist attractions and school canteens, and strengthen food, medicine, and vaccines Supervision to ensure food and drug safety. With the goal of resolutely curbing the occurrence of special equipment accidents, special measures should be taken to centrally rectify the hidden dangers of special equipment safety risks, investigate and prevent major winter and spring safety risks, conduct large-scale drills, prevent and control fires this winter and next spring, centralize law enforcement on production safety, and ensure safety during holidays. The work is organically combined to ensure the safety of special equipment. In the field of production and distribution, we must carry out in-depth supervision and inspection of product quality of hazardous chemicals and their packaging materials, and organize and organize quality inspection and random inspection of fireworks and firecracker products to ensure the safety of industrial products. The second is to consolidate responsibility and safety. It is necessary to urge enterprises to fulfill the management responsibilities of production and operation entities in accordance with the law, and to ensure the effective implementation of work safety measures and work safety responsibilities. In accordance with the requirements of "the management industry must manage safety and the business must manage safety", we must conscientiously perform our duties of safety supervision, continue to maintain a high-pressure situation of safety supervision and law enforcement, and resolutely achieve "zero tolerance" for violations of laws and regulations. In accordance with the requirements of "both party and government responsibilities, one post and two responsibilities, and accountability for dereliction of duty", the main leaders should be held accountable, the leaders in charge should be specific, go deep into the field and personally inspect and implement. The third is to strengthen emergency duty. It is necessary to implement the holiday duty system, strictly enforce the holiday duty discipline, adhere to the leadership on duty, ensure that the duty staff adhere to their positions 24 hours a day, unblock the information reporting channels, and timely report major situations to the local party committee government and superior departments to properly handle emergencies. Pay attention to the development of public opinion on food and drug safety, timely verify, research and judge, and respond to the public's focus on hot issues to create a good atmosphere.

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