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Special training meeting on project construction management held in our city
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On December 25, the project construction management training seminar jointly organized by the Municipal Party Committee Organization Department and the Municipal Development and Reform Commission was held in the conference room on the fifth floor of the Municipal Finance Bureau.

贵州省国际工程咨询中心(贵州省政府投资项目评审中心) 陈杰 主任 进行授课,受市发改委党组书记、主任李柚委托,市发改委党组成员、副主任张克品主持培训会。 At the training meeting , Director Chen Jie of Guizhou International Engineering Consulting Center (Guizhou Provincial Government Investment Project Evaluation Center) was invited to give a lecture. Entrusted by Li You, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Zhang Kepin, a member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, chaired the training session.

重有效、抓落实,切实做好项目建设管理工作为主题,从怎样理解项目建设中的 “压力、下放、程序、有效、责任”五个关键词、项目建设的过程和结果的关系以及项目建设中的“四制”之间的关系等三个方面,为全体参会人员进行了 深入浅出、形式新颖、内涵丰富的讲解。 At the training meeting, Director Chen Jie focused on the theme ofeffectiveness, implementation, and effective management of project construction.From the perspective of how to understand the five keywords of “stress, decentralization, procedure, effectiveness, and responsibility” in project construction, The relationship between process and result, and the relationship between the "four systems" in the project construction, etc., provided an in- depth explanation, novel forms, and rich content for all participants . After the lecture, Director Chen Jie also exchanged and interacted with the trainees on-site to answer the difficult questions that the project owner encountered in the project construction. 投资形势 有了更深入地认识,对 政府投资项目预算审核、招标投标 工程结算、绩效评价 有了进一步的理解,对我市下一步准确理解和全面把握 中央、省经济工作会议精神 ,切实做好项目建设管理工作, 推动全市 经济社会保持快速健康发展 具有指导性意义 Through this training, the participants have a deeper understanding of the investment situation in the country and the province, and have a better understanding of government investment project budget review, bidding and bidding , project settlement, and performance evaluation . It is instructive to understand and fully grasp the spirit of the central and provincial economic work conferences , do a good job of project construction management, and promote the rapid and healthy development of the city's economy and society .

100余人参加培训。 More than 100 people in the city involved in the project construction management functions, including the leaders of the relevant municipal departments, the responsible comrades of the county (district) development and reform bureaus (Economic Development Bureau), and the responsible comrades of relevant county (district) platform companies .

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