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Anshun City Statistics Bureau Holds Training Meeting on Investment Statistics Annual Report 2019
Date: 2019-12-29 11:25 Article size: large, medium and small

此次会议参会人员有 各县区(管委会)统计局(乡镇统计办) 投资专业分管领导,投资、房地产、建筑业专业人员 On December 27, the Statistics Bureau of Anshun City held a training conference on statistical annual reports in the field of investment. The participants in this meeting were the leaders of the investment departments of the counties (administrative committees) and statistical bureaus (township statistics offices) , investment, real estate, and construction industries. Professional .

The meeting put forward specific requirements for the problems in the investment field this year, and deployed the work in 2020. The first is to continue to strengthen responsibilities and legal awareness to improve the quality of data in the investment field; the second is to strengthen basic grassroots work and truly achieve one project and one file ( One enterprise and one file); The third is to further strengthen monitoring and analysis, make full use of the "service thousand enterprises" and "hand in hand" activities to do a good job of statistical services. Comrades of the Investment Statistics Section of the Municipal Bureau of Statistics conducted business training on the three majors in the investment field, and explained the operation of the "Beijing Cloud Wanfeng Platform" and "Holiday" again. The professional comrades in each county directly performed the program operations.

In the end, participants exchanged speeches and raised questions about related issues . Comrades from the Investment Statistics Section of the Municipal Bureau of Statistics provided on-site answers .

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