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Anshun Human Resources and Social Security Bureau briefed on the situation of the special democratic life meeting
Release date: 2019-12-27 11:22 Article size: large, medium and small

Recently, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Anshun City held a general meeting of cadres and employees, which briefed them on the theme of "Don't forget your original heart and remember your mission."

The meeting pointed out that at this democratic life meeting, all members of the team firmly grasped the theme, focusing on learning and implementing Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thinking with Chinese characteristics, strengthening the "four consciousness", firm "four self-confidence", and achieving "two "Protect", abide by political disciplines and political rules, keep close contact with the masses, rectify and overcome formalist bureaucracy, implement ideological responsibility system, reform and innovation and overcome difficulties, win the battle against poverty, implement the responsibility of governing the party and the party, integrity and self-discipline, etc. Twelve aspects find their own gaps and deficiencies. In accordance with the requirements of "making bite-sleeve, red-faced sweating the norm" among members of the team, they carried out direct and open mutual criticism in the spirit of being highly responsible for the organization, comrades, and the cause, and pointed out specific issues and issues. Insufficient, put forward suggestions for improvement, formed a good atmosphere of interactive exchanges, and achieved the purpose of "unity-criticism-unity".

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