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Anshun: Leading the promotion of high-quality development with big data
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The 2019 China International Big Data Industry Expo is grandly opened in Guiyang. After 2018, Xi Jinping once again sent a congratulatory letter to the Guizhou Digital Fair, congratulating the conference, sharing the opportunities for the development of the digital economy, and jointly exploring new growth momentum and development. Paths, etc. put forward clear requirements and have high expectations for the success of the digital expo. The General Secretary sent congratulatory letters to the Expo for two consecutive years, which made the people of the province excited, proud, inspired and inspired!

In the past two years, the majority of cadres and people in Anshun guided by the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's congratulatory letter to the 2018 Digital Fair. Keeping in mind the entrustment and forging ahead, he transformed General Secretary Xi Jinping's ardent expectations into a strong motivation for hard work and unswervingly pushing forward big data Strategic actions are developing in depth, improving the development level of the big data industry in an all-round way, and injecting a strong force for decisive battles, poverty alleviation, and victory in a well-off society.
In 2018, the city's software and information technology service industry revenue was 271 million yuan, a growth rate of 141.96%, of which the revenue of more than 5 million yuan was 247 million yuan; the growth rate of electronic information manufacturing industry above designated size was 56.7%; the total telecommunications business was 13.622 billion yuan, an increase of 179.9%; online retail sales revenue was 810 million yuan, an increase of 111.4%.
From January to October this year, the value-added growth rate of the electronic information manufacturing industry above designated size in the city increased by 18.9%, and the total amount of telecommunications business reached 19.715 billion yuan, an increase of 85.7% year-on-year. The city ’s investment in information infrastructure construction was 742 million yuan, and the annual goals and tasks were completed. 92.75%. It is estimated that in the whole year, the added value of electronic information manufacturing industry above designated size in the city will increase by 20%, the total telecommunications business will increase by 70% year-on-year, and the city's investment in information infrastructure construction will amount to 800 million yuan, fully fulfilling its target tasks. The city's software and information technology service industry revenue was 595 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 164.44%, accounting for 185.994% of the target task of 320 million yuan; the 5 million caliber software business income was 592 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 85.22%. It is estimated that by the end of 2019, the city's software and information service industry revenue will reach 600 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 120%.
Data fusion continues to advance. <br /> In recent years, our city has always applied the "digital economy", "integrated enterprises and enterprises", data "general purpose", government applications, and "search for seedlings" to big data. The steady implementation of strategic actions has provided strong support for the healthy and rapid development of the city's economy and society.
Since the beginning of this year, in accordance with the new era of Guizhou's big data development ideas of "one unswerving, four strengthening, and four accelerating integration", our city has promoted the city's big data strategic actions with greater efforts to implement the digital economy, digital governance, and digital livelihood. , Digital facilities, digital security, five major battles, accelerate the advancement of digital industrialization and digitalization of the industry, based on the "digital security" construction overall, and promote the deep integration of big data and the real economy as the main offensive direction, coordinate and grasp stable growth, promote reform, and adjust the structure , Deep integration, and risk prevention to achieve new improvements in the development of the city's big data.
The level of informatization is constantly improving, and the digital economy is converging and developing. The Anshun 5G Development Leading Group was set up to co-ordinate and promote the city's 5G construction application and industrial development. China Telecom Guizhou Branch and AVIC Guifei Company have signed a 5G scenario application pilot cooperation agreement and have established 4 5G pilot base stations. Establish the "Guizhou, Anshun Caiyun on Cloud" sub-platform, data sharing exchange platform and data open platform to achieve the aggregation of some data resources such as coal big data platform, tourism big data platform, military-civilian integration system, and industrial park management system. Deeply promote the "Consolidation of Well-off News" results consolidation plan, strengthen the precise coverage of poor counties and poor villages, carry out defect detection and fill in leaks, and implement the "upgradable well-being" action plan "upgrade" on the basis of 100% fiber-optic network and 4G network coverage in administrative villages throughout the city Version ", completed 303 4G network coverage of more than 30 natural villages, completed investment of 26.719 million yuan, and completed 100% of the target tasks for the whole year of 2019. Actively coordinate the Provincial Communications Administration and the Municipal Mobile Company to continue to increase investment, advance the 2020 project to this year, and formally adopt the "enclave system" to cover more than 30 natural villages in November to ensure completion by the end of 2020 Construction and opening of all sites.
Continue to carry out the "integration of ten thousand enterprises" campaign. Deepen the promotion of the integration of big data in various fields, and further improve the city's level of in-depth integration of big data and the real economy. At the end of November, six target projects for the integration of fusion projects, 60 integration demonstration projects, and the goal of driving 120 fusion enterprises have been completed.
Data use promotes development In April 2018, the "Anshun Color Cloud" platform constructed by Guizhou Anshun Big Data Development Co., Ltd. was completed and operated, providing cloud hosts, cloud storage, cloud networks, and cloud databases for various users, and providing services for agriculture, industry, and services. Industry enterprises and relevant departments and counties provide information services. "Anshun Caiyun" now carries coal big data platform, tourism big data platform, military-civilian integration system, CPPCC proposal system, industrial park management system, smart party building cloud platform, etc., achieving the sharing and sharing of some data resources. The city's government data open platform has been Initially completed.
Speed up the construction of big data investment and promote the sharing of information resources. The first is to strengthen industrial clusters. Taking Xixiu Intelligent Terminal Industrial Park as the city's intelligent terminal manufacturing demonstration base, a standard factory building of 400,000 square meters has been built, 40 companies have signed contracts and 31 companies have been put into production. The second is to increase investment in information infrastructure. From January to October, the city's investment in information infrastructure construction completed 603.9 million yuan; 98 "six network battles" reserve Internet projects 98, with a total investment of 4.599 billion yuan, has completed an investment of 7.294 billion yuan. The third is to accelerate digital construction. The construction of new Internet digital facilities such as 5G, Industrial Internet, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, data centers, and "one cloud, one network and one platform" was accelerated. The fourth is to promote digital government. Promote the "localization" service work of Guizhou Duobaobao mobile service platform on the cloud. By creating the "My Anshun" public service platform, it has realized the collection of Anshun culture, humanities, geography, tourism, food, transportation and other data, effectively improving the city Comprehensive competitiveness and people's quality of life.
As an important carrier for the city government's data aggregation, sharing and exchange, "Anshun Caiyun" will continuously improve the existing platforms and application projects, and according to the needs of the municipal party committee and city government to accelerate the data "gathering general" and "decentralized service" reform requirements, develop more online Multi-government management service system, promote the sharing and openness of government data resources and the aggregation of public data in enterprises, institutions, and social fields, and give full play to the effectiveness of big data in improving government management, promoting industrial development, and strengthening people's livelihood services to better serve the city's The in-depth integration and application of data and the real economy will help build the Anshun Demonstration Park in the National Big Data Comprehensive Experimental Zone.
Data services benefit the people's livelihood <br /> Guizhou Huangguoshu Smart Tourism Co., Ltd. is based on the advantages of Huangguoshu Waterfall Scenic Spot, integrates big data and tourism, and opens online real-name system to purchase tickets, allowing data to connect with scenic spots and tourist buses. You can directly swipe your ID card and face to buy scenic tickets. The company is leveraging the development opportunities of big data to build Huangguoshu into the height of smart tourism, and is committed to the joint development of smart tourism and other scenic spots in the province, to achieve data connectivity, to truly realize the deep integration of big data and tourism, and to meet the tourist's tourism demand.
Now, click on the "Government Data" entrance on the homepage of the Municipal People's Government website to open the "Anshun Municipal Government Data Open Platform". Ordinary citizens can also query "economic analysis, statistical bulletin, financial budget and final accounts" according to their work and living needs. , Price index "and other government data.
Through the "Anshun Caiyun" government data open sharing platform, we can clearly see the distribution of coal production and operation enterprises in our city. Every truck of coal from real-time images, data from the mining, loading, billing, transportation, to the power plant receiving power generation process. Information can be clearly understood. "This is one of the 'Anshun Color Clouds' application project-Anshun Power Coal Big Data Management Platform. In order to realize the effective management of the city's power coal industry by government functional departments, GPS monitoring, video surveillance identification, cloud computing, etc. have been fully applied Scientific and technological means to intelligently supervise coal mining enterprises and coal transportation vehicles, standardize the city's coal resource flow and sales and transportation processes, promote the healthy development of the coal industry, ensure the supply of electric coal, serve the city's industrial production, domestic electricity consumption, and "Electric transmission from east to east" provides strong support.
In order to promote the big data public service capability, the “My Anshun” APP prepared by Guizhou Anshun Big Data Development Co., Ltd. is based on the analysis and integration of data resources. Through intelligent processing, it effectively improves the city's comprehensive competitiveness and the quality of life of citizens; the government service center promotes the “Internet + Government services ", realizing 1,518 departments in the online office lobby, and more than 40,000 items; medical departments promote" Internet + health care ", and realize the interconnection of remote consultation video systems of city, county, and township three-level medical institutions; education system promotion "Internet + Education", using Xixiu District as a pilot to realize the interconnection of 87 primary and secondary schools in the area, 15,000 users can enjoy personalized and intelligent educational resources through the network; Antou Online Capital Management Co., Ltd. promotes "Internet + Finance" "It provided a total of 366 million yuan of loan funds for local small, medium and micro enterprises, and created a profit of 17.92 million yuan for lenders.
Digital Anshun says the future <br /> General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the congratulatory letter that at present, the new generation of information technology represented by the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence is booming, which will bring significant economic development, social progress, and people's lives in all countries. And profound impact. The congratulatory letter pointed out the way forward for the development of the city's big data and provided a fundamental basis.
The "Announcement of the People's Government of Anshun City on Printing and Distributing the Action Plan for the Revitalization of the Eight Ten-Billion-Grade Industrial Industry in Anshun City" clearly states that the key task of the development of the big data electronic information industry: By 2020, the total output value of electronic information manufacturing enterprises above designated size in the city will reach 28 billion Yuan (including Gui'an New District), software and information technology service industry (full caliber) revenue completed about 350 million yuan, the total telecommunications business completed 30 billion yuan. By 2022, the total output value of the city's electronic information manufacturing industry above designated size will reach 35 billion yuan (including the Gui'an New District), and the software and information technology service industry (full caliber) revenue will be about 450 million yuan. It mainly includes four tasks: vigorously developing the electronic information manufacturing industry, vigorously developing the software and information technology service industry, promoting the deep integration of big data and industry, and promoting digital implementation and upgrading.
The Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology clarified the development goals for the use of big data in 2020: the value-added growth rate of the electronic information manufacturing industry reached 10%; the total telecommunications business increased by 20% year-on-year; the city's investment in information infrastructure construction was 800 million yuan; The coverage of 4G networks in more than 30 natural villages reaches 100%. Completed 6 fusion benchmarking projects, 60 fusion demonstration projects, and promoted 100 fusion enterprises. The city's software and information technology service industry revenue increased by about 15% on the basis of 600 million yuan.
At the same time, the city will do its best to compile industrial and information development plans for the 14th Five-Year Plan. Accurately grasp the new characteristics and changes in the development of industry and informatization at home and abroad, combine with the actual situation of our city, scientifically organize the establishment, further promote the development of Anshun's industry and informatization, and make full use of informatization in the construction of economic, political, cultural, social and ecological civilization Important role, scientific planning, cracking bottlenecks, and promoting the simultaneous development of "new industrialization, informatization, urbanization, and agricultural modernization", and providing guidance for the overall improvement of the city's industrial and informatization development during the 14th Five-Year Plan.
Continue to promote the development of "integration between enterprises and enterprises", and continue to create "general purpose" for data. Continue to promote the "10,000-enterprise integration" action, promote military industries, traditional enterprises, electronic information manufacturing industries and other industries to intelligent production, networked collaboration, personalized customization, service-oriented extension integration and upgrade; promote agriculture to precision production management 2. The quality traceability is comprehensive, and the marketing and sales network are integrated and upgraded; the service industry is promoted to be platform-based, intelligent, and shared-type integrated and upgraded. Relying on the "Anshun Caiyun" platform, take effective measures to promote the centralized operation of the government's government affairs information system on the platform, realize the sharing and sharing of hardware equipment, and avoid repeated investment and repeated construction. Documents such as information resource management measures and security sharing mechanisms were issued to speed up the city's data resource sharing work and promote the standardization and security of the sharing mechanism. Accelerate the construction of data sharing and exchange platforms and open platforms, build bridges between various government affairs information systems, realize the centralized sharing of various government affairs information, exchange on demand, and eliminate silos. Reorganize and reengineer government affairs information systems based on work associations, integrate independent government affairs information systems into vertical connectivity and horizontal linkage, truly reflect the comprehensive application of business collaboration requirements, and effectively provide big data analysis for government decision deployment.

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