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Tighten the city's "faucet"-Anshun City's in-depth promotion of the establishment of a national water-saving city
Date: 2019-12-30 10:08 Article size: large, medium and small
Water is the root of Anshun.
However, affected by many factors such as topography and climate, Anshun City is actually a resource- and engineering-intensive water shortage city. Anshun, who lacks water, is more and more aware that the survival, development, and even rejuvenation of water saving is imperative and imminent. Therefore, a battle to build a water-saving city is starting in the middle of Guizhou.
In 2015, the municipal party committee and government took the "five major development concepts" and "seeking development and water saving first" as their guiding ideas, and set forth the goal of creating a national water-saving city.
On December 26, 2017, our city was officially named as the first batch of provincial water-saving cities, and the city has achieved initial results in creating a national water-saving city.
Nowadays, our city is focusing on creating a national water-saving city, improving water resource utilization efficiency as the core, creating water-saving enterprises, units, and communities as carriers to strengthen water conservation and intensive water intake management, and to promote urban life water-saving management and Comprehensive utilization of water resources will further promote the establishment of national water-saving cities, and ensure the successful creation of national water-saving cities in 2020.
Consolidating infrastructure construction and raising the level of water and water conservation <br /> Creating a water-saving city and improving the water environment is the common aspiration and eternal pursuit of Anshun people.
In recent years, the city has strengthened the renovation of the pipeline network to reduce the leakage rate, formulated a leak detection plan for the pipeline network, reasonably determined the leak detection period, and carried out the leak detection work for the city's water supply network, which has reduced internal pipe network running, dripping, dripping, Leak phenomenon.
Technical renovation and upgrading of the old water supply network in the urban area. A total of nearly 300 million yuan was invested in the implementation of the third phase of the water supply project and the installation of urban water pipelines, serving a population of approximately 320,000 people.
At present, the city has built three sewage treatment plants with a daily processing capacity of 110,000 tons, the urban sewage treatment rate has reached 93.42%, and the effluent has reached the Grade A standard, greatly improving the protection of water resources such as Longgong and Huanglong Lake in the downstream of our city.
The municipal, county and district water affairs departments have carried out the construction of water-saving institutions in the institution's compound, carried out water pipe network reconstruction, built a real-time water monitoring platform, carried out water balance tests, improved water measurement, improved water-saving appliances, improved water-saving efficiency, and strengthened Construction of unconventional water utilization, and strengthening of efficient water-saving irrigation construction.
The gradual implementation of district metering management, the installation of metering monitoring points, the improvement of the metering and monitoring system, the construction of more than 300 integrated monitoring and control points in the pipeline network, and the implementation of the water supply dispatching command center for the water supply pipeline network full control.
From January to October 2019, the leakage rate of the pipeline network in Anshun City decreased by 0.1 percentage point year-on-year, and the leakage rate of the pipeline network remained within 12%.
Carry out key creation activities and do a good job of the construction of "three carriers" br Continue to promote the creation of "three carriers" for water-saving enterprises, units and communities, formulate and issue creation standards and target tasks, and complete water balance in water-using enterprises and units Based on the testing work, guide enterprises and units to actively apply in strict accordance with the creation standards to form a water-saving enterprise (unit) step creation model.
Actively promote the water conservation work of colleges and universities in Anshun Vocational College. Professional water-saving service companies sign contracts with colleges and universities to advance the advancement of the water supply system of colleges and universities, and then gradually recover costs and obtain profits from the water savings of colleges and universities.
Using the contract water-saving model, the existing sewage treatment station in Anshun Vocational College was transformed and expanded to reach a scale of 300 tons of sewage per day, and a set of purification treatment equipment was added to bring the discharge standard to Grade A clean water. After reprocessing, it meets the city's miscellaneous water standard, and through the reclaimed water reuse pipe network, it is sent to the student bedrooms and teaching buildings to flush toilets and the campus greening, thereby realizing the recycling of water resources.
"Before the transformation, the school had 6,500 students, with an average daily water consumption of 209.3 liters per person. After the transformation, the number of students increased to 9,100, and the average daily water consumption per person dropped to 126.4 liters." Speaking of the school's contractual water conservation management After the results were achieved, Chen Shu, a teacher of Anshun Vocational and Technical College, was very happy.
At present, the city has built a total of 40 city-level water-saving enterprises, accounting for 133% of the target tasks; 22 city-level water-saving residential communities have been established, accounting for 91.67% of the target tasks; 16 municipal government departments have been established Water-saving units, accounting for 51.6% of the number of municipal government departments.
It is estimated that by the end of 2020, 80% of the city-level government units will complete the construction of water-saving units, 50% of the county-level administrative districts will meet the county-level water-saving society construction standards, and establish a water-saving society. The efficient water-saving irrigation rate is greater than 30%, and the effective utilization coefficient of irrigation water reaches 0.48.
Innovative management measures to regulate the behavior of water supply and water use <br /> A city is good at saving water, which is closely related to the management level of the city. Anshun's water-saving achievements also stem from being good at managing water.
This year, our city issued the "2019 Anshun City Water Consumption and Efficiency Dual Control Action Target Responsibility System", launched a special operation for water intake project (facility) verification and registration, and strengthened water intake supervision.
A total of 2,649 water extraction projects (facilities) were inspected in the city, 837 households were checked into the warehouse, and 487 water withdrawal permits had been obtained. In 2019, 10 households of groundwater extraction water users within the coverage of the public water supply network of the Anshun Economic Development Zone in the downtown area were cancelled. There are 17 (sets) of water abstraction permits, and 17 underground water abstraction wells are closed.
Established 45 first-level lists of key supervision water intakes at the municipal level, and publicly accepted public supervision.
Based on the Guizhou Provincial Industry Total Water Allocation Plan, the competition bidding service method was adopted to prepare the Anshun City Total Water Allocation Plan to complete the industry allocation of the total water consumption control indicators in the jurisdiction.
At the same time, enterprises in the city that use water users with an annual public water supply of 500,000 cubic meters or more are included in the annual planned water management scope, and the planned water withdrawal and water conservation are strictly implemented.
In order to give full play to the role of water prices in promoting and regulating water-saving work, and gradually make the value of water and prices symmetrical, the “Anshun City Agricultural Water Price Comprehensive Reform Implementation Opinions” was formulated to establish and improve the residential ladder water price system to promote water conservation and protect the ecological environment One of the important measures. The city currently implements a resident ladder water price system and a non-residential water over-plan and progressive increase price system.
Strengthen publicity and lead to increase citizens' awareness of water conservation and conservation "A dripping faucet will waste 1 to 6 cubic meters of water a month, and a leaky toilet will waste 3 to 25 cubic meters of water a month." "Children, if we Every day when I brush my teeth, I do n’t turn off the faucet, but let the water flow. How much water will be wasted in a year? ”... Water-saving promotion with the theme of“ saving water, starting from me ”is being promoted in units and schools. , Community, enterprise, community and other activities have been carried out in our city without interruption in recent years.
Actively promote the selection of "Water-Saving Ambassadors". Issued the "Notice on the Selection of the First 20" Water-Saving Ambassadors "in Anshun City to Primary and Middle School Students in All Municipalities and Middle Schools, Guiding Primary and Secondary Schools to Continue the Promotion of Water Conservation in Campus, Classes, Classrooms and Water The establishment of large-scale schools, and play a leading role in water conservation education.
In addition, it also makes full use of the "World Water Day", "National Urban Water Saving Publicity Week" and popular science and energy conservation publicity week, and introduces advanced festivals to citizens and water users through special promotion in enterprises, schools, and communities. Water technology and craftsmanship.
A series of water-saving publicity activities have further created a strong social atmosphere, and the public's awareness of water resources and water conservation has been further enhanced, laying a good social foundation for the creation of work.

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