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Provincial Safety Committee Examines and Inspects Safety Production and Fire Fighting Work of Anshun City in 2019
Date: 2019-12-30 10:07 Article size: large, medium and small

On December 27, the Provincial Security Committee held an inspection and reporting meeting on the safety production and fire protection work of Anshun in 2019. Li Rong, deputy director of the Provincial Emergency Management Department, attended the meeting and delivered a speech, and Deputy Mayor Chen Yingwu attended the meeting and made a statement.

At the meeting, the city made a report on the safety production and fire protection work in 2019; the staff of the assessment team gave feedback on the assessment.
Li Rong fully affirmed the city's safety production and fire protection work in 2019. He pointed out that in the past year, the Anshun Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attached great importance to the organization and effectively implemented the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government , Always incorporate safety production and fire protection work into the overall economic and social development of the city to plan and promote. Continuously strengthened management and control measures, strengthened production safety supervision; continued to improve the emergency system, and improved disaster and accident rescue capabilities; continued to strengthen reform and innovation, and gradually improved the construction of the fire protection system.
Li Rong requested that Anshun City should establish a concept of safety development, strengthen the awareness of safety in production, keep the bottom line of safety in production, and take effective measures to implement the responsibility of the main body of safety in production. In strict accordance with relevant requirements and standards, improve the staff and facilities of safety production to ensure that Disaster accidents rarely occur. It is necessary to strengthen the management of emergency plans, carry out special emergency drills, and continuously improve the disaster rescue capacity to ensure the safety of people's lives and property.
Relevant municipal government secretaries and relevant members of the municipal security committee attended the meeting.

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