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Anshun City Holds Conference on Tourism Year-end Supervision and Inspection
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On December 27, the city held a 2019 annual tourism end-of-year supervision and inspection work conference to sort out and summarize the development of the city's national regional tourism demonstration zone and arrange the next step of deployment. Hu Zhen, vice chairman of the CPPCC and head of the city's overall tourism supervision and inspection team, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

The meeting pointed out that global tourism is both a new path for tourism development and a new guide for economic development. Relevant departments at all levels must fully recognize the significance of developing global tourism, strictly implement it in accordance with relevant requirements, adhere to issues and goals, and adhere to the list. Management to ensure the successful creation of a national tourism demonstration city on schedule.
The meeting requested that relevant departments at all levels should consolidate and enhance the highlights, scientifically plan the top-level design of the global tourism, consolidate the infrastructure construction, and constantly strengthen the confidence in creating a national tourism demonstration city; find problems, solve problems, and continue to deepen the tourism mechanism Reform, strengthen the construction of supporting facilities, create high-quality scenic lines, increase publicity, and properly respond to the shortcomings in the creation of a comprehensive tourism demonstration zone; we must pay attention to supervision, promote implementation, and confirm the acceptance of the establishment unit, special class department, Publicize and mobilize the atmosphere to carry out key inspections to ensure the completion of the establishment of a center for the tourism demonstration zone next year as scheduled.
At the meeting, the Municipal Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau made a report on the development of the global tourism work in 2019. The counties (districts) of the government (Administration Committee) and the relevant municipal departments directly reported on the progress of the creation of their own regional tourism demonstration zones. .

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