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Provincial Department of Education's College Ideological and Political Work Inspection Team Goes to Anshun Vocational College for Inspection
Date: 2019-12-30 10:06 Article size: Large, Medium and Small

On December 27, Ling Hu Rongfeng, the leader of the eleventh inspection team of the ideological and political work of the Provincial Department of Education in 2019 and the party committee secretary of Guizhou Institute of Engineering and Technology, led his team to Anshun Vocational College to conduct the 2019 ideological and political work inspection.

The inspection team conducted an in-depth understanding and evaluation of the implementation of the ideological work responsibility system of Anshun Vocational College and the quality of classroom teaching of ideological and political theory through ideological and political work report meetings, individual interviews, and on-site lectures.
At the report meeting, the inspection team affirmed the ideological and political education work of Anshun Vocational College. The inspection team stated that Anshun Vocational College attaches great importance to ideological and political work. During the work, the school has firmly grasped the main line of ideological and political teaching, created practical education features, and has a variety of student education forms with obvious results. In this inspection, the inspection team has the purpose of promoting construction through inspection and promoting reform through inspection, and hopes to advance the school's ideological and political work to a new level through inspection.

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