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Anshun traffic police department released "two announcements and one reminder" for New Year's Day travel
Date: 2019-12-30 10:05 Article size: Large, Medium and Small
On December 29, it was learned from the Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Bureau that the demand for mass travel will increase on New Year's Day. In order to ensure that people travel safely during New Year's Day, road traffic is safe and smooth, and prevent major and serious traffic accidents. "Two announcements and one reminder."
It is understood that the city is dominated by cloudy weather on New Year's Day holidays, and the temperature is not low. There will be "mixed traffic flow" travel features for different purposes, such as visiting relatives, tourism, and transportation. 3. The traffic order on key sections and traffic safety have caused greater pressure. The major scenic spots in the city adopt a closed management operation mode. All tourists take company sightseeing cars to enter the scenic spots to ensure that the roads in the scenic spots are normal.
On New Year's Day, the traffic volume of the two urban areas of our city will increase during the morning and evening peak hours of 09: 00-11: 00 am and 17: 00-19: 30 pm. It is expected that vehicles will slow down, but there will be no large-scale congestion. Basically unobstructed. The traffic police reminded that the majority of drivers should do vehicle safety inspections in advance, pay attention to weather changes in advance, choose reasonable travel routes, and try to avoid morning and midnight fog-prone periods. When driving on slopes, curves, and foggy roads, please reduce the speed and maintain a safe distance to avoid accidents caused by emergency braking and emergency steering.

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