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Struggle to sail and go steadily-An overview of Anshun's economic work in 2019
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Kangmingyuan (Guizhou) Technology Development Co., Ltd., which integrates research and development, production and sales, has 13 production lines that can produce various types of pipes. As of December 2019, the company's sales reached 200 million yuan. The annual output is 50,000 tons and the output value is 800 million yuan.

In just one year, more than 1,500 acres of water and fertilizer smart vegetable bases in the first phase of Gaotian Village were completed and put into production, and more than 6,000 acres in the second phase have been steadily advancing ... to become an important vegetable supply base in the province. Driven by the industry in the dam area, the collective assets of the village exceed 20 million yuan.

On September 28, there were 25 projects covering 6 categories of energy raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, and urban construction, with a total investment of 15.399 billion yuan.


This is the overall plan to promote the overall layout of the “Five in One” and the coordinated advancement of the “Four Comprehensives” strategic layout. 2019.

This is the year 2019 to keep the two bottom lines of development and ecology, advance the implementation of the three major battles, fully implement the three strategic actions, continue to fight the "One, Two, Four" battle, and maintain the sustained and healthy economic development and social stability.

Aim at key points and optimize economic structure

In 2019, facing the severe and complicated economic situation, the municipal party committee and government faced problems, faced the gap, and took the initiative to focus on optimizing the economic structure. The economy and society continued to develop in a healthy and stable manner ...

This year, the city's industrial value-added growth rate above the designated size increased by 10.5% year-on-year, 1.3 percentage points higher than the province's average growth rate, exceeding the target tasks issued by the province and city-

In the past year, the city has achieved a total industrial output value of 83 billion by relying on the eight billion-level industries of the basic energy industry, basic materials industry, big data electronic information manufacturing industry, featured light industry and clean and efficient power, modern industrial industry, equipment manufacturing and new building materials. More than 80 billion yuan, over the set target of more than 80 billion yuan.

Over the past year, the city has closely focused on the overall goal of “maintaining overall progress and promoting high-quality development”, grasping the two key points of industrial added value and industrial investment, strengthening the three key tasks of enterprise service, factor protection, and integrated development, and insisting on transforming traditional industries. Simultaneously with the cultivation of emerging industries ... Achieved 7 enterprises such as AVIC Guifei to be included in the provincial leading enterprises of the “Thousands of Enterprises Reconstruction” project, and 7 enterprises including Red Star Development to be included in the “Thousands of Enterprises Reconstruction” project at the provincial high-growth enterprise; promoted Bailing Yindan Xinnaotong Soft Capsules Domestic GMP and domestic declaration standard quality system and production line transformation, China Resources Cement's daily production of 4,500 tons of cement clinker new dry process cement production line technical transformation project, Red Star Development and expansion of 20,000 tons / year barium sulfate by-product 1 Key projects such as 10,000 tons / year of sodium sulfide were completed and put into operation.

This year, the city focused on the "eight factors" and practiced the "five-step work method", vigorously launched the "spring offensive, summer and autumn decisive battle" to overcome poverty in the industry, advanced the structural adjustment of the dam area and the rural industrial revolution, and the city's agricultural economy maintained stable growth. In a good situation, the industrial structure continues to be optimized and improved. It is expected that the added value of the primary industry will be 16 billion yuan, an increase of 6.3% over the previous year; the per capita disposable income of rural residents will be 10,900 yuan, an increase of 10.5% over the previous year——

The first is to further promote the three major plans of “rejuvenation of Guanling cattle, doubling of poultry and eggs, and upgrading of live pigs” and vigorous development of meat rabbits and paddy field ecological breeding. The added value of animal husbandry accounts for 24% of the added value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery. The reduction and development of inefficient crops was completed to replace 294,400 mu of high-efficiency crops, and the grain-economic ratio was further optimized to 28:72.

The second is to speed up the cultivation of specialty industries. The output of nine specialty industries in Anshun, such as vegetables, edible fungi, peppers, and tea, has increased significantly from the previous year, and the industry has lifted poverty by driving 52,800 households and 186,600 people.

The third is to accelerate the improvement of quality and efficiency of mountain agriculture. 1 provincial agricultural park, 1 national and 7 city-level leading enterprises, 606 farmer professional cooperatives, 11 agricultural product processing enterprises above designated size and 3 geographical indication products, 860,000 mu of pollution-free origin certification, The characteristic industries such as Prickly Pear, Prickly Pear, and Edible Fungi have accelerated development, and the overall quality and efficiency of agriculture have been further improved.

The fourth is to promote the creation of dam areas. 131 dam areas have been planned and developed, with a planting area of 548,500 mu. Among them, 12 sample dam areas and 54 dam areas meeting the standard have been built. The average acreage output value of the dam area has reached 8,500 yuan.

This year, the city received a total of 103 million domestic and foreign tourists, a year-on-year increase of 23.96%; total tourism revenue was 100.494 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 28.78% ——

In the past year, the city's overall tourism development has accelerated, and the establishment of a comprehensive tourism demonstration zone has been actively promoted. 35 key tourism projects have been implemented, with an investment of 549 million yuan, which has been exceeded by 48%, and the construction of key scenic spots has been upgraded. New formats such as bridge bungee jumping and air flying parachuting have been completed, and 4 "mountain tourism + highway" composite service areas have been built; the Bailian Hotel and Howard Johnson Hotel with an investment of 22.55 million yuan have been put into operation; 17.09 million yuan have been invested to complete 35 tourist toilets Construction tasks.

Make up for shortcomings and lay a solid foundation for development

This year, the whole city went all out to promote project construction, and effective investment continued to expand, giving full play to the key role of investment in stabilizing growth and optimal supply-

From January to November, investment in fixed assets increased by 14.2%, and it is expected that investment in fixed assets will increase by 15% throughout the year. Project reserves continued to increase. Major projects with more than 100 billion yuan in projects remained at more than 500, with a total investment of 400 billion yuan. The funding support capacity has been continuously enhanced. 192 projects have been supported by the central and provincial budget funds of 2.567 billion yuan. 5.138 billion yuan of regional tourism military-civilian integration poverty alleviation investment funds have been implemented. 675 major projects have been implemented with a total investment of 645.24 billion yuan. Annual investment has been completed. 120.1 billion yuan.

The three-year action plan for the construction of a general aviation industry comprehensive demonstration zone was issued for implementation; the feasibility study report for the Huangguoshu Airport terminal area expansion and expansion project was approved; the Southwest Civil Aviation Administration reviewed and approved the selection of the Leping A1 general airport site; and started the Anshun Huangguoshu Airport expansion and expansion project He Puding County and other four A2 level general airport construction work; implementation of a new round of six major health industry action plans, the large health industry realized an added value of 12 billion yuan; Qianzhong (Anshun) Logistics Park is the only Guizhou Province selected as the first national Two batches of 27 national demonstration logistics parks; Xixiu Industrial Park was approved as a provincial modern service industry gathering area; Guizhou Jinxiu Qianzhong National Culture Co., Ltd. was approved as a provincial-level double innovation demonstration base ... one key project, one project Focused planning and a series of solid actions have brought pleasing results.

This year, the municipal party committee and government took "new urbanization +" as the lead, focused on urban and rural integration, continued to promote the "one point, three directions" Anshun model, implemented supporting policies for the reform of the household registration system, and improved a diverse and sustainable Urbanization investment and financing mechanism, continue to promote the "1 + N" town-village linkage model, and promote the construction of new urbanization demonstration areas with mountain characteristics——

In the past year, we have actively promoted the construction of the Huangpu New District and the Anshun High-speed Rail New City; the planning and construction of the northern new city, the in-depth implementation of the shed reform conference, the promotion of old courtyard renovation, the pilot work of installing elevators in old communities, and the construction of urban gas infrastructure; The Ninth Anshun New Urbanization Promotion and Small Town Construction and Development Conference was successfully held to further strengthen the city's model small town industrial support and green development.

In the past year, the construction of the Guiyang-Anshun metropolitan area has been accelerated, and the Xixiu, Pingba, and Anshun Economic Development Zones have been steadily increasing their functions as growth poles in the central urban area. The cities of Puding, Zhenning, Guanling, and Ziyun have been continuously promoted "Development, deepening the level of integration of industry and city in Huangguoshu tourist area, and constantly optimizing the linkage and coordination of regional development. Five municipal demonstration towns were newly added, 171 “8 + X” projects were implemented, and the project investment was 8.376 billion yuan. The cumulative coverage of demonstration towns and villages linkages reached 90%. Form a regional development pattern of "central city agglomeration, the rise of county cities, and the integration of urban production and city".

This year, the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government not only actively aimed at shortcomings, comprehensively consolidated the foundation for development by taking major project investment and improving infrastructure construction as the starting point, but also actively implemented the people-centered development thinking and attached importance to solving the people's most concern and concern. The immediate and most realistic issue of interest-

In terms of establishing people's livelihood, we have reduced 10 rural poverty alleviation targets and completed relocation of poverty alleviation in rural areas; drinking water safety in rural areas; newly built, rebuilt and expanded public kindergartens;

In terms of improving the level of social security: the employment promotion and entrepreneurial leadership plan has been implemented in depth, with 64,000 new jobs in cities and towns and 110.34% of the 58,000 target tasks completed; construction of 11,453 households in urban shantytowns has been completed, and more than 10,000 units have been basically completed, and investment has been completed Nearly 8 billion yuan, the annual target task of the city's shed reform is expected to be fully completed by December 2019.

Tackling difficulties and cracking bottlenecks

This year, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government closely focused on the goal of poverty alleviation, seized the poverty alleviation, and sprinted for a comprehensive well-off—

Focusing on deeply impoverished counties, towns, and villages, we will formulate plans, integrate resources, and mobilize forces to fully implement poverty alleviation measures. 109 projects in poverty alleviation areas were implemented; the construction of 84 resettlement sites for ex-situ poverty alleviation and relocation during the 13th Five-Year Plan period was completed, and 82,104 people were relocated, accounting for 100.10% of the planned number of 82,020 people; 62 supply outlets covering 73 resettlement sites, with an estimated supply of more than 500 tons of grain and oil; reducing the number of poor people by 75,000, and realizing all poverty alleviation in Xixiu District, Pingba District, Puding County, and Zhenning Autonomous County; the remaining poor population was 0, and poverty occurred The rate is 0; the remaining poor population of Guanling Autonomous County is 5,221, the incidence of poverty is 1.49%; the remaining poor population of Ziyun Autonomous County is 12,940, the incidence of poverty is 3.58%.

Over the past year, key water conservancy projects such as the Huangjiawan Water Conservancy Project, the Balinghe Reservoir in Guanling Autonomous County and the Central Qianjiang Water Conservancy Project (branch canal), and the Shizhuqiao Reservoir Project in Pingba District have been progressing steadily, and resettlement and resettlement have been completed as planned Annual tasks, make every effort to follow-up work such as hydropower project resettlement projects and fund clearing, planning implementation adjustment, fund audit settlement, completion acceptance.

In the past year, the city has rapidly promoted the construction of traffic roads, and made every effort to improve the traffic arteries. The expansion of the Shanghai-Kunming high-Guiyang-Anshun section and the expansion of the Shanghai-Kunming high-Guan Anshun-Panzhou (Guizhou-Yunnan boundary) section have progressed in an orderly manner; the construction of county and rural roads has advanced rapidly, with an investment of 452 million yuan and 137.658 kilometers of construction completed; There are 2,681.116 kilometers of rural roads with “groups and groups”, and the rate of hardening roads for villagers of more than 30 households in the city has reached 100%. The demonstration project of “Four Good Rural Roads” (beautiful rural roads) has completed 327.7 kilometers. The "good rural road" has been created with breakthroughs, significant improvements in highway security capabilities, and quality and efficiency improvements in road transport services. With project construction as the starting point, it takes the initiative and works hard to promote the high-quality development of transportation and help overcome poverty.

This year, Anshun also actively maintained the two bottom lines of development and ecology, and made significant progress in the construction of ecological civilization, contributing Anshun's strength to colorful Guizhou and beautiful China——

In the past year, the city's county-level financial arrangements and financing for forest ecological construction reached 193,332,200 yuan, with a completion rate of 145.3%. A total of 417,700 mu of afforestation area has been completed, and 208.8% of the tasks have been completed. Realize the city's forestry output value of 20.48 billion yuan.

Over the past year, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have taken strong measures to continuously increase the comprehensive environmental governance with emphasis on the atmosphere, water, and soil, and the environmental quality has continued to improve. As of the end of November, the excellent air quality rate of Anshun City (including counties and districts) was 98.6%, and the excellent air quality rate of the central urban area was 95.5%, which reached the national secondary standard. The quality of the water environment remained good, and the compliance rate was 100%. The water quality standards of the 8 drinking water sources above county level are all 100%. The water quality compliance rate of the 11 assessment sections of the ten surface waters was 100%. The soil environmental quality has been maintained well, and full coverage of medical wastes generated by medical institutions at or above the county level has been achieved. As of 2018, no soil pollution incidents have occurred.


In 2019, the city introduced 654 new investment projects, with a total investment of 113.346 billion yuan, and an industrial project operating rate of 98.77%, laying a solid foundation for the city's economic and social development in 2020.

Xiongguan Mandao is as iron as it is, and now he is striding forward from scratch. In 2020, the municipal party committee and government will implement new development concepts, people-centered development ideas, high-quality development requirements, and bottom-line thinking, and take a more solid step in promoting high-quality economic development in the city.

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