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CPPCC Chairman's meeting inspects the completion of "Ten Practical Events" in 2019
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On December 26, the CPPCC Chairman's meeting inspected the completion of the "Ten Practical Events" of our city in 2019. CPPCC Chairman Yang Huachang attended the inspection and presided over a symposium.

The inspection team first came to the project site of the Municipal Public Health Service Center to check the progress of project construction on the spot. As of the end of November, the main project of the municipal public health service center project has been completed, and the overall construction work has been advanced as planned. Yang Huachang pointed out that the completion and use of public health service centers will effectively promote the rational allocation of public health resources in urban and rural areas, and provide strong guarantees for people's disease prevention and health management. All relevant units and departments must adhere to the people as the center and proceed from the issues of public concern Intensify and innovate measures to ensure that the project is completed and operated with quality and quantity.

In the TCM Hall of Caiguan Township Health Center in Xixiu District, the inspection team had a detailed understanding of the construction and operation of the TCM Hall and the outpatient reception. After learning that the 80 township health centers and TCM hospitals currently planned to be implemented in the city have all been completed, Yang Huachang It is pointed out that we must strengthen the construction of medical teams in traditional Chinese hospitals in township health centers, and effectively optimize the allocation of resources, innovate employment methods, and standardize management systems so that rural doctors can be retained and guaranteed, and more people can enjoy the results of the revitalization and development of traditional Chinese medicine.

As of the end of November this year, the main project of the Municipal Conservation Center Elderly Maintenance Building Project has been completed, and is undergoing internal and external renovation. The inspection team inspected the construction of the project on the spot. Yang Huachang pointed out that full consideration and scientific planning should be made to further clarify the development ideas, establish a sound and long-term effective system guarantee, mobilize the enthusiasm of various subjects, and promote the orderly development of project construction and operation.

At the symposium, after listening to the municipal people ’s government report on the completion of the “ten practical things” of our city in 2019, the inspection team affirmed the progress of the work, and from the perspective of their respective functions, made an exchange statement on the inspection situation and proposed suggestions.

Yang Huachang requested that all relevant units and departments should attach great importance to further enhance the sense of political responsibility and mission, effectively strengthen the communication and docking, coordination and cooperation between the various departments, carefully investigate and accurately grasp the progress of the completion of the work, and adopt a more positive attitude and efficient measures. Promote the city's "ten practical things" to complete smoothly as scheduled. We must draw lessons from each other, summarize and refine the good experience and practices of the city's "ten practical things" in 2019, and provide a basis for the development of our city's "ten practical things" next year. It is necessary to actively explore, be brave in innovation, actively revitalize existing asset resources, scientifically optimize the allocation, effectively resolve various risks, and provide a solid guarantee for the smooth completion of the project. It is necessary to adapt to local conditions, scientifically plan the operation management mechanism of each project, pay attention to the management and protection of infrastructure, and ensure that the project will play a better role when it is put into use, and truly benefit the people and generate benefits.

Zhou Lili, deputy mayor of the municipal government, Zhou Tao, deputy chairman of the CPPCC, Chen Haoli, deputy chairman of the CPPCC and first-level inspector, Peng Xianlun, member of the party committee of the CPPCC, and Zhang Yiwei, Mao Lianhui, and Hu Zhen, vice chairmen of the CPPCC attended the inspection.

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