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Song Xiaolu had a discussion with Vice President Li Hua of Huaxia Bank
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On December 25, Song Xiaolu, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and acting mayor of the municipal government, had a discussion with Li Xie, member of the Standing Committee and deputy president of the head office of Huaxia Bank.

Song Xiaolu speaks

At the meeting, the two sides conducted in-depth communication and exchanges on related cooperation issues. On behalf of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, Song Xiaolu expressed his gratitude to Huaxia Bank for its great care and support to the city. Song Xiaolu said that Huaxia Bank, as a large state-owned commercial bank, has a strong professional advantage in the innovation of investment and financing products. The two sides have conducted very friendly and pleasant cooperation in some areas in the early stage, laying a good foundation for the deeper cooperation between the two sides in the next stage. It is hoped that Hua Xia Bank will continue to give full play to its professional advantages in the financial industry and provide Anshun with more support in poverty alleviation, infrastructure construction, and industrial development to help Anshun's high-quality economic and social development.

Li Yan speaks

Li Yan introduced the background of Hua Xia Bank and the key development directions in the next step. He said that the Anshun Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attaches great importance to the optimization of investment and financing environment and has great potential for development. Huaxia Bank will further increase various support for Anshun, and actively explore innovative financial products and services such as big data and blockchain around the real economy development and infrastructure, key project construction and other fields, and enhance the breadth and depth of bilateral cooperation. At a higher level, we will strive to provide better financial services for the high-quality development of Anshun's economy and society.
Song Xiaolu said that according to the consensus reached by the two parties, Anshun City will set up a special class, clarify the special personnel, refine and improve the preparatory work of related projects, increase the intensity of communication and docking, and effectively promote the cooperation between the two parties to achieve practical results.
Liu Xiachen, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Huaxia Bank Guiyang Branch, Yan Yanbin, Member of the Party Committee and Vice President of Guiyang Branch of Huaxia Bank, Wang Hongyong, Secretary General of the Municipal Government, and responsible comrades from relevant municipal departments attended the discussion.

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