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Website help

Website help
"China · Anshun Government Portal" is hosted by the Anshun Municipal People's Government and hosted by the Anshun Municipal People's Government Office. The Anshun People's Government has a government affairs office responsible for operation and maintenance management. Is the bridge between the government and the public. ".

From the beginning of construction, the “China · Anshun Government Portal Website” portal, in accordance with the “high starting point, high standards, and high quality” requirements put forward by the municipal government, with the great attention of leaders, all parties worked together and experienced one-way information release, Online one-way interaction, online two-way interaction, online transaction processing, etc. After continuous development and improvement, so far, it has been built with a focus on open government affairs and administrative examination and approval, with the purpose of serving enterprises, citizens, and investors. Resource sharing, centralized management, and unified release of various government affairs information are provided for people from all walks of life. A comprehensive government portal for online affairs and business. The website is rich in content and information sharing. It is the main service window and propaganda position of the Anshun Municipal Government on the Internet. It realizes the business model of portal website acceptance and department website processing, which effectively improves the general public's right to know.

First, the functional positioning of the website

"China · Anshun Government Portal" adheres to the public as the center, serves the public and enterprises as the starting point and destination, adheres to the three major functions of "public information disclosure, online services and public participation", and strives to build a service-oriented government Build a network information service platform.

Second, the column settings of the website

The "China · Anshun Government Portal" focuses on the three major functions of "public information disclosure, online services and interactive exchanges", establishing government stations, citizen stations, and enterprise stations, and opening "entering Anshun", "information disclosure", and "online services "," Interactive Communication "," Tour of Waterfall Township "and" Investment in Anshun ".

Government station: The government station is the carrier of government information issued by Anshun city government department.

Citizen Station: The Citizen Station is a bridge between the government and citizens to provide services for citizens.

Enterprise Station: The Enterprise Station is a platform for understanding investment promotion and business services.

Into Anshun: An overview of the overall situation of Anshun's geography, culture, history, etc., and an exquisite picture of humanities and customs in Anshun;

Disclosure of information: Disclosure of government affairs information, integration of government departments' functions and responsibilities, government affairs dynamics, social services and government affairs supervision, and other aspects of economic, social and cultural development, an overview of Anshun city development, real-time release of government documents, leadership Decision-making, latest announcements, etc .;

Online services: Applying themes around the life cycle of user objects and following the concept of user-friendly design, set up online work items, follow the item name → work guide → form download → online consultation → online application and other processes to integrate service resources to provide the public and enterprises Convenient and fast online services. Here, you can have an overview of the work guides, policies and regulations and online work items of Anshun Municipal Government and its subordinate departments: you can not only get complete and authoritative work and policy information, but you can also use combination search in the shortest time Get the most accurate search results;

Interactive communication: collect public opinion, reflect public opinion, carry out online surveys, collect public opinion, and provide effective channels for government-civilian interaction;

Waterfall Township Tour: an all-round display of Anshun's ethnic customs, tourist attractions, food, housing, travel, entertainment, shopping, travel and other information.

Investment in Anshun: Comprehensively provide the investment promotion progress, project introduction, preferential policies of Anshun City, and provide services such as investment guidance and consulting.

Third, the full-text search function

The "China · Anshun Government Portal" is equipped with a full-text search system, which can search related information on the website by keywords and words. In addition to the search entry provided on the first page of the website, it provides a convenient channel for users to query information on the website.

Opinions, suggestions, complaints and reports

1. Write to the mayor

If you have any comments or suggestions on the construction of Anshun City, you can raise them through the "Mayor's Mailbox", and the functional department will process your letter in time.

2. Complaints and consultations

If you need a complaint or consultation, you can submit it through the "Complaint Consultation" section, and the relevant functional departments will process and respond to your letter in a timely manner.

3. Online interviews and surveys

You can participate in the "Online Interview" online live broadcast activity under the "Public Participation" channel online. The specific content and time of the event will be announced in advance on the website. You can follow the relevant event notification; You participate in the activities of the "Online Survey" subsection.

This site looks forward to your active participation in various interactive activities.

common problem

1. How to participate in interactive sections such as "online survey" and "online interview"

To participate in interactive column activities and services, please register through the user registration window provided on the website

2. Why can't I register successfully?

During the user registration process, if the one-time registration is not successful, the corresponding error message will pop up. Modify your submission as prompted by the error message.

Prompt Information Problem Description

Please enter a login account. You did not enter a username.

Password cannot be empty You did not fill in the password.

Nickname cannot be empty You did not fill in a nickname.

E-mail cannot be empty. You did not fill in Email.

The passwords entered are not the same. The password you entered and the confirmation password are not the same.

3. How do I change my registration information and login password?

After successfully logging in to the website, in the function menu at the top left of the page, click "Modify Information" to enter the information modification interface, and you can modify your registration information and login password.

4. How to remember the URL of "China · Anshun Government Portal"

The website address of "China · Anshun Government Portal" is

Anshun analysis: Anshun is the Chinese pinyin letter of "Anshun" in Chinese.

Analysis of The Chinese government website uniformly uses as the suffix. For example, the URL of the Beijing government portal website is:

5.Why can't the webpage open sometimes

If you are accessing the Internet through a local area network, due to the bandwidth limitation of the exit from the local area network to the external network, a timeout error occurs when connecting to the website and the website cannot be connected.

If you dial up to the Internet through a telephone line, the website may not be connected due to timeouts due to connection bandwidth.

When you encounter this kind of problem, you only need to refresh the webpage, and sometimes you need to change it again.

7. Website security and common sense

When using this website, in order to ensure the security and convenience of your information, please follow the following rules as much as possible:

(1) Try to avoid logging in to the management system in public places (such as Internet cafes).

(2) Regardless of whether you log in to the application system on the Internet, you must click [Logout] when you leave. Some website systems do not have corresponding options for exiting, so their systems are not secure.

(3) When filling in or publishing long information or materials (such as personal resume, company profile, etc.), it is best to edit the information in other text editing software (such as Notepad, Word, WPS, etc.), Then copy it into the corresponding web page input box.

If you have more questions or need more technical support, please contact us.