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Interpretation of "Anshun City's Implementation Plan for Accelerating Economic Development Under the Forest"
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I. Background and Significance of the Proposal

市委四届六次全会精神和省委主要领导到安调研脱贫攻坚工作时关于大力发展林下经济的指示精神,依托全市丰富的森林资源,加快林业产业结构调整步伐,着力推动林下经济发展,助推脱贫攻坚 ,助力乡村振兴,制特定《安顺市加快林下经济发展实施方案》。 In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the Twelfth Plenary Session of the Provincial Party Committee and the Sixth Plenary Session of the Fourth Plenary Committee of the Municipal Committee, and the spirit of the instructions of the main leadership of the Provincial Party Committee on vigorously developing the undergrowth economy when investigating poverty alleviation efforts, rely on the city's abundant forest resources to accelerate The pace of forestry industrial structure adjustment is focused on promoting the economic development of forests, helping to overcome poverty , helping rural areas revitalize, and formulating the specific "Anshun City Implementation Plan for Accelerating Economic Development of Forests ".

Introduction to the "Policy" Policy Basis, Drafting Process, and Solicitation of Comments

《国务院办公 关于加快林下经济发展的意见》 (国办发〔2012 142号)、《中共贵州省委贵州省人民政府关于深入推进农村产业革命坚决夺取脱贫攻坚战全面胜利的意见》(黔党发〔2019 91号)、《贵州省人民政府办公 关于加快林下经济发展的实施意见》 (黔府办发〔2013 30号) 1. The policy basis is: " Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Accelerating Economic Development Under the Forest " (Guobanfa [2012 ] No. 142), "The Guizhou Provincial People's Government of the CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee on Promoting the Rural Industrial Revolution and Resolutely Fighting Poverty Alleviation Victory Opinions "(Qiang Dang Fa [2019 ] No. 91)," Implementation Opinions of the General Office of the People's Government of Guizhou Province on Accelerating Economic Development Under the Forest " (Qian Fu Ban Fa [2013 ] No. 30) .

会同市农业农村局于 7月16日至19日 组织各县(区)林业部门到黔东南州、黔南州考察学习了林下经济发展先进经验,同时,我局随即成立调研组分赴各县(区)就全市林下经济发展现状进行了调研。 2. Drafting process: Anshun Forestry Bureau, in conjunction with the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau , organized the county (district) forestry departments to visit Southeastern Qianzhou and Qiannan Prefectures to study and learn advanced experience in the economic development of forests. At the same time, The Bureau immediately set up a research team to go to counties (districts) to investigate the current situation of the city's forestry economic development. 依托 全市丰富的森林资源, 结合各县(区)林下经济现状,通过分析研判, 起草制定了《关于加快安顺市林下经济发展的实施方案》。 On the basis of fully drawing on the advanced experience of other cities (prefectures), relying on the city's rich forest resources, and combining with the current state of the forestry under the counties (districts), through analysis and judgment, drafted and formulated the "On the implementation of accelerating the economic development of forestry in Anshun City" Program".

各县(区)政府(管委会)的意见,并对征求的意见建议进行了修改完善;二是由 市政府相关领导 组织召开专题讨论会,组织各县(区)、相关市直部门对《方案》进行讨论,按照会议讨论意见,市林业局进一步修改完善后,将《方案》发至各县(区)、市直相关部门再次征求意见,根据反馈的意见,再次进行修改完善,最后 报请市人民政府审定。 3. Modifications of Soliciting Opinions: First, the county (district) government (Administration Committee) was solicited in writing , and the opinions and suggestions solicited were revised and improved; second, the city government related leaders organized a symposium. Organize counties (districts) and relevant municipal departments to discuss the Plan. According to the discussion opinions of the meeting, the Municipal Forestry Bureau will further revise and improve the plan, and send the plan to the relevant counties (districts) and municipal departments to solicit opinions again. The feedback was revised and improved again, and finally reported to the Municipal People's Government for approval.

Introduction to the contents of the Plan

The main contents of the "Plan" include four parts: general requirements, main tasks, implementation steps and organizational guarantee.

1. Clarified the guiding ideology, basic principles and development goals. 重点发展林下养禽(畜)类、林下种食用菌、林下种中药材、林下养蜂、林下种牧草和森林景观利用的林旅模式等六大林下经济产业。 The six major under-industrial economic industries, including the development of under-forest poultry (livestock), under-forest edible fungi, under-forest Chinese medicinal materials, under-forest beekeeping, under-grass pasture and forest landscape utilization, were identified . 全市建成 特色突出、扶贫效益带动明显的林下经济示范基地 14 个以上; 2020年,全市新增林下经济利用林地面积40万亩以上,力争全市林下经济利用面积达120万亩以上, 全市建成 特色突出、扶贫效益带动明显的林下经济示范基地 40 个以上 In 2019, the city's newly-added under-forest economic use forest land area will be more than 200,000 mu, and the city's under-forest economic utilization area will be more than 800,000 mu. The city will build more than 14 under-forest economic demonstration bases with outstanding features and significant poverty reduction benefits . In the year, the city's newly-added under-forest economic utilization forest land area was more than 400,000 mu, and the city's under-forest economic utilization area reached more than 1.2 million mu. The city has built more than 40 under-forest economic demonstration bases with outstanding features and obvious poverty reduction benefits .

2. Clarified the main tasks. “投资少、周期短、见效快”的 短平快林下产业 ,鼓励西秀区、平坝区、普定县、镇宁自治县、安顺经开区、黄果树旅游区采取“长短结合”的发展方式发展林下产业。 Guanling Autonomous County and Ziyun Autonomous County develop short-term and fast- growing forest industries with “less investment, short cycle and quick results” , and encourage Xixiu District, Pingba District, Puding County, Zhenning Autonomous County, Anshun Economic Development Zone, Huangguoshu Tourism Area The combination of long and short development mode develops the forest industry.

3. Clear organizational form. “龙头企业+合作社+农户”的组织方式, 采取 “政府引导、企业主导、市场运作”的方式,进一步抓好产销对接, 积极搭建龙头企业与科研院所、技术推广单位之间的合作平台,强化科技支撑能力。 Actively introduce and cultivate leading enterprises, vigorously promote the organization mode of "leading enterprises + cooperatives + farmers", and adopt the "government guidance, enterprise-led, market operation" approach to further focus on production and sales docking, and actively build leading enterprises and research institutes, A cooperation platform between technology promotion units to strengthen scientific and technological support capabilities.

4. Define the implementation time. 2019年8月开始,积极推动林下经济发展, 2019年底初见成效 2019年底 2020年6月 认真总结发展经验,对发展成效明显的产业 进行 规模化推广, 2020年底前 进一步优化整合资源力量,形成发展合力,形成一批规模大、效益好的林下经济示范基地 Various counties (districts), based on the actual situation, carefully screened the key cultivation projects suitable for the locality around the economic development model of the forest. Starting from August 2019, they actively promoted the economic development of the forest and achieved results at the end of 2019 ; from the end of 2019 to 2020 In June , we carefully summarized the development experience and carried out large-scale promotion of industries with obvious development results . By the end of 2020 , we will further optimize and integrate resource forces, form a joint development force, and form a number of large-scale, good-efficiency forest demonstration bases .

Fourth, master the key points of the "plan"

1. Underwood Economy Concept

It mainly refers to the under-forest plantation, aquaculture, collection and forest tourism industries, which are developed on the basis of forest land resources and forest ecological environment, including both under- and under-forest industries, and also on-forest industries.

2. Economic characteristics of the forest

Under the forest, economic input is small, quick results, easy to operate, and great potential. Developing the forest economy is of great significance for shortening the forestry economic cycle, increasing forestry added value, promoting sustainable forestry development, opening up channels for farmers to increase income, developing a circular economy, and consolidating the achievements of ecological construction. It can be said that developing the forest economy will increase the greenness of the land, increase the income of farmers, increase efficiency of enterprises, and increase sources of finance. “金蛋”,才能更好地促进林业生态建设及产业发展,才能更好地以良好的经济效益巩固林改成果,在兴林中富民,在富民中兴林。 Only by "golden eggs" under the forest can we better promote forestry ecological construction and industrial development, and we can better consolidate the results of forest reform with good economic benefits, and enrich the people in the forest and the forest in the rich people.

3. The specific operation of forest economic development

……形式多样、内容复杂,最重要的是科学选择具体操作的突破口。 Developing the forest economy is a systematic project. Forest birds, forest grasses, forest medicines, etc. are diverse and complex in content. The most important thing is to scientifically choose a breakthrough for specific operations.

The first is to strengthen departmental communication and cooperation, focusing on planning and guidance. Without cooperation, only the strength of the forestry family can say that the development of the under-forest economy can only be discussed on paper; without planning, the development of the under-forest economy can only be done blindly. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate the development of the understory economy with the construction of forestry industrialization, the adjustment of the agricultural industrial structure, the promotion of circular economy, poverty alleviation and development, and the construction of a new socialist countryside. The second is to expand financing channels and increase capital investment. Vigorously carry out forest property mortgage loans, promote forest insurance, expand financing channels, and support economic development of forests. According to the principle of unchanged nature, diversified channels, and bundled use, the development of under-forest economic and agricultural development, economic structural adjustment, animal husbandry, poverty alleviation and development, and science and technology promotion projects can be combined organically in the use of funds. The third is to strengthen technical services and improve product quality. Actively build a cooperation platform between enterprises, farmers and universities, scientific research institutes, and technology extension units; actively introduce and promote new varieties and new technologies suitable for forest planting and breeding, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and establish pre-products for forest products , Mid-production and post-production technical service system. Strict implementation of standardized production to ensure the quality of economic products under the forest.

关键环节 4. Key Links in Underground Economic Development

The first is to adapt to local conditions and scientific planning. Natural conditions vary from place to place, resource endowments are different, and the market demand for forest products is also ever-changing. The development of the forest economy must be tailored to local conditions. Scientific planning must go deep into the grassroots, understand forest conditions, and understand public opinion. The situation of forest land resources and other conditions make scientific plans for economic development under forests. The second is to improve policies and actively support them. All localities should actively seek financial department support to help farmers solve the problem of backward infrastructure such as water circuits. It is necessary to vigorously cultivate leading industries and leading enterprises, and promote scale, industrialization, and standardized operations. Efforts should be made to win the support of financial institutions, give full play to the driving and guiding role of the fiscal discount policy, and solve the problem of farmers' difficulty in financing the forest economy. 强化服务,引导合作。 The third is to strengthen services and guide cooperation. It is necessary to strengthen guidance and services for economic work under the forest, provide farmers with comprehensive scientific and technological services and technical training, and help solve problems such as capital, technology, production, and sales. It is necessary to actively cultivate new varieties and good varieties suitable for planting and breeding under forests, continuously improve the output and quality of forest products, and provide society with rich green and healthy forest products. It is necessary to establish an information publishing platform, improve various consulting channels, and provide consulting services such as policies, laws, and market information in a timely manner to create good conditions for farmers to develop the forest economy. The fourth is to set a typical example, driven by demonstration. All localities must grasp the pilot demonstrations, be good at discovering, conscientiously summarizing, and widely propagating the advanced models of the development of the forestry economy, promote their good experience and good practices in a timely manner, give full play to the role of typical guidance and demonstration, and promote the comprehensive development of the forestry economy.

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