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Interpretation of "Anshun Municipal Solid Waste Classification System Implementation Plan"
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I. Background and Significance of the Proposal

With the development of the economic level and the substantial increase in the level of material water charges, the amount of domestic garbage generated in our country has rapidly increased, which has profoundly affected human production and life, and has become a constraint on social progress and new urbanization. 12 月,习近平总书记是在在中央财经领导小组第十四次会议指出 :“普遍推行垃圾分类制度,关系 13 亿多人生活环境改善,关系垃圾能不能减量化、资源化、无害化处理。要加快建立分类投放、分类收集、分类运输、分类处理的垃圾处理系统,形成以法治为基础、政府推动、全民参与、城乡统筹、因地制宜的垃圾分类制度,努力提高垃圾分类制度覆盖范围。” 2017 3 18 日,国务院办公厅印发了《生活垃圾分类制度实施方案》,对全面推进城市生活垃圾分类工作进行了部署和安排。 In December 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the fourteenth meeting of the Central Finance and Economics Leading Group : "The general implementation of the garbage classification system has a bearing on the improvement of the living environment of more than 1.3 billion people. Harm treatment. It is necessary to speed up the establishment of a garbage disposal system for classified release, classified collection, classified transportation, and classified processing, to form a garbage classification system based on the rule of law, promoted by the government, participated by the whole people, coordinated urban and rural areas, and adapted to local conditions, and strive to improve the coverage of the garbage classification system. Scope. " On March 18 , 2017 , the General Office of the State Council issued the" Implementation Plan for the Classification System of Domestic Waste ", which deployed and arranged the comprehensive promotion of urban domestic waste classification. 2019 年起,全国地级及以上城市全面启动生活垃圾分类工作,到 2020 年底 46 个重点城市将基本建成垃圾分类处理系统, 2025 年底前全国地级及以上城市将基本建成垃圾分类处理系统。 It is pointed out that from 2019 , cities at the prefecture level and above nationwide will comprehensively start domestic waste classification. By the end of 2020 , 46 key cities will basically have a garbage classification and treatment system. By the end of 2025 , the country's prefecture level and above cities will basically have a garbage classification and treatment system. . 6 月,习近平总书记对垃圾分类工作作出重要指示时强调, 推行垃圾分类,关键是要加强科学管理、形成长效机制、推动习惯养成。 In June 2019 , when General Secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions on waste sorting, he emphasized that the key to promoting waste sorting is to strengthen scientific management, form a long-term mechanism, and promote habit formation. It is necessary to strengthen guidance, adapt to local conditions, and continue to push forward the work in a meticulous and persistent manner. It is necessary to carry out extensive education and guidance to make the general public realize the importance and necessity of implementing waste sorting, and through effective supervision and guidance, let more people take action and cultivate good habits of garbage sorting. Let's work together to improve the living environment and work together to contribute to green and sustainable development.

The implementation of domestic garbage classification can effectively improve the urban and rural environment, promote resource recycling, accelerate the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, and improve the quality of new urbanization and the level of ecological civilization.

Second, the "Policy" policy basis, the drafting process, the revision of comments

3 18 日,国务院办公厅印发了《生活垃圾分类制度实施方案》,对全面推进城市生活垃圾分类工作进行了部署和安排; 2017 12 1 日,省人民政府办公厅印发了《贵州省生活垃圾分类制度实施方案》,对我省实施垃圾分类的总体要求,基本原则、分类要求、分类范围作了具体的要求,在全省分区域、分步骤启动了生活垃圾分类; 2019 1 2 日,为了切实推进生态文明试验区建设,省生态文明建设领导小组办公室印发了《关于全面推进我省生活垃圾分类工作的通知》,要求“各地全面部署生活垃圾分类工作,制定生活垃圾分类方案”,在全省范围内全面实施城镇生活垃圾分类。 On March 18 , 2017 , the General Office of the State Council issued the "Implementation Plan for the Classification System of Domestic Waste", which deployed and arranged the comprehensive promotion of urban domestic waste classification. On December 1 , 2017 , the General Office of the Provincial People's Government issued the " Guizhou Province's Implementation Plan for the Classification of Domestic Garbage "sets out the general requirements, basic principles, classification requirements, and classification scope of the province's implementation of garbage classification, and initiated the classification of domestic garbage by region and step by step in the province; 2019 On January 2nd , in order to effectively promote the construction of the experimental zone of ecological civilization, the Provincial Leading Group Office of Ecological Civilization Construction issued the "Notice on Comprehensively Promoting the Classification of Domestic Waste in Our Province", requiring "the full deployment of domestic waste classification work in various places and the development of domestic waste Classification scheme ", and comprehensive implementation of urban domestic garbage classification within the province.

2019 3 月成立了安顺市生活垃圾分类制度实施方案起草小组,启动了我市生活垃圾分类实施方案的起草工作。 According to the instructions of the municipal leaders, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, together with the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau , set up a drafting group for the implementation plan of the municipal solid waste classification system in March 2019 , and initiated the drafting of the municipal solid waste classification implementation plan. The drafting team went to Guiyang City, Zunyi City, and Gui'an New District to investigate and learn the experiences and practices of the municipal districts that started the classification of domestic garbage in advance. 2019 5 月,形成了《安顺市生活垃圾分类制度实施方案(征求意见稿)》, 2019 6 月,分两次将“征求意见稿”发至各县、自治县、区政府(管委会)和市相关部门征求意见和建议,共收到各单位各部门提出的修改意见 17 26 条,起草组对意见和建议进行充分吸纳,不断完善实施方案内容。 After hard work, in May 2019 , the "Anshun Municipal Solid Waste Classification System Implementation Plan (Draft for Comment)" was formed. In June 2019 , the "Draft for Comment" was sent to the counties, autonomous counties, and district governments ( The management committee) and the relevant departments of the city solicited opinions and suggestions, and received a total of 17 26 amendments from various units and departments . The drafting team fully absorbed the opinions and suggestions and continuously improved the implementation plan. 8 月,市发展改革委会同市住房城乡建设局将修改完善的实施方案上报至市人民政府办公室。 In August 2019 , the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, together with the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau, reported the revised and improved implementation plan to the Municipal People's Government Office.

Contents of the Plan

The "Plan" put forward specific arrangements for the classification of domestic garbage in our city:

2020 年,中心城区生活垃圾回收利用率达到 35% 以上,到 2022 年,中心城区生活垃圾回收利用率达到 40% 以上,县级以上城市生活垃圾回收利用率达到 35% 以上,中心城区生活垃圾强制分类的社区比例达到 80% 以上。 Overall target: By 2020 , the recycling rate of domestic waste in the central city area will reach more than 35% ; by 2022 , the recycling rate of domestic waste in the central city area will reach 40% or more; More than 80% of the communities in urban areas have mandatory classification of domestic waste .

全市生活垃圾分类工作遵循由易到难、以点带面原则,先在市直党政机关、群团组织和各县、自治县、区党政机关、群团组织开展;然后扩展到县城及以上城市居民小区, 学校;再扩展乡镇 居民小区, 学校等; 最后覆盖 垃圾收运系统能力的农村。 Implementation steps: The city's domestic garbage classification work follows the principle of easy-to-hard, point-by-point, and is first carried out in municipal government organizations, group organizations and counties, autonomous counties, district party and government organizations, and group organizations; then it is expanded to county cities and above Residential quarters, schools; further expansion of township residential quarters, schools, etc .; finally covering the rural areas of garbage collection and transportation system capabilities.

11 项重点工作任务。 Key tasks: According to the actual situation of the city, the Plan arranges 11 key tasks in six categories . It covers the working requirements of waste sorting from domestic sources to back-end disposal, such as domestic garbage sorting, facility construction, site layout, law enforcement supervision, classified transportation, and publicity guidance.

Safeguard measures: The "Proposal" proposes five safeguard measures, including strengthening organizational leadership, innovating institutional mechanisms, strengthening supervision and assessment, implementing fund guarantees, and unblocking supervision channels.

Highlights of the Plan

理顺了实施生活垃圾分类的实施体系。 1. Streamlined the implementation system for the classification of domestic waste. The "Plan" established a domestic waste classification leadership group, clarified the work responsibilities of the leadership group and related member units, and clarified the responsibility of each county (district) government (management committee) as the main body of domestic waste classification, forming a leadership group guidance The work pattern of each county (district) government (administrative committee), the responsibilities of each department and department are clear, which reduces the hidden dangers of slapstick.

重点关注了厨余垃圾的收运和处置。 2. Focused on the collection, transportation and disposal of kitchen waste. Aiming at the inadequate capacity of the collection and transportation of kitchen waste in our city, the "Proposal" put forward requirements for the configuration, collection, transfer and disposal of food waste, and carried out a pilot project for the classification and direct transportation of food waste. Putting the supervision and centralized disposal of kitchen wastes on the agenda is officially on the agenda, which is of great significance for improving the classification and disposal of domestic waste in our city and preventing and controlling African swine fever.

关注资源回收市场主体的培育。 3. Focus on the cultivation of resource recovery market players. Cultivating the resource recovery market and market entities, and achieving a win-win situation between government services and market entities, will be the focus of garbage sorting for some time to come. The "Plan" clearly supports enterprises to build an informatization platform for recycling resource utilization, and cultivates a group of leading enterprises for recycling resource recycling. At the same time, enterprises are encouraged to use renewable deposits, trade-in for new ones, set up automatic recycling machines, express delivery and recycling to recover renewable resources.

强化生活垃圾分类收运的监督。 4. Strengthen the supervision of sorting collection and transportation of domestic garbage. Front-end classification is the most taboo for domestic waste classification, but mixed transportation is at the middle-end. The "Plan" strengthens the law enforcement supervision of the classification and collection of domestic garbage, requires the establishment of a joint law enforcement mechanism, strict law enforcement inspections, and resolutely prevents the mixed transportation of domestic garbage after it is released.


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