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Interpretation of the Notice of the Office of the People's Government of Anshun City on Printing and Distributing the Full-Chain Supervision Plan for Anshun City Kitchen Waste
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I. Background and significance

(I) Background: In March 2019, the Kunming Special Office of the Audit Office audited the implementation of major national policies and measures in the first quarter of 2019 in Guizhou Province. It was found that the average daily treatment of food and kitchen waste in our city was only 3.81 tons, and the use of still water still exists. Feeding pigs. The audit recommended that the Guizhou Provincial People's Government instruct the Municipal People's Government to take effective measures to increase the centralized collection, transportation, and disposal of kitchen waste to ensure that kitchen waste is effectively disposed of.

(II) Significance: The promulgation of the plan is conducive to the supervision of the entire process of the innocuous disposal of kitchen waste, and urges all counties (districts) and departments to effectively fulfill their main and supervisory responsibilities, and further strengthen the collection, transportation, and disposal of kitchen waste jobs. At the same time, a long-term supervision and joint prevention and control mechanism was established to ensure that there is no rebound after the prevention and control of African swine fever.

2. Policy basis, drafting process, and comments

(I) Policy basis

Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Doing a Good Job in the Prevention and Control of Animal Epidemic Diseases such as African Swine Fever (State-owned Invention Electric [2018] No. 10) Departments and responsibilities, to effectively strengthen the supervision of the collection, transportation, storage, and disposal of food and kitchen residues, and to prohibit the use of food and kitchen residues that have not been treated with high temperature to feed pigs ", and the General Office of the State Council Notice of Work "(State-owned invention electricity [2018] No. 12)" Second, do a good job of eliminating the epidemic situation.... We must completely ban the leftovers of the kitchen to feed pigs ... ".

第六章餐厨废弃物处理 ”相关规定。 "Guizhou Province Food Safety Regulations " related provisions of " Chapter VI Disposal of Kitchen Waste ".

年5月,安顺市人民政府制定印发的《安顺市餐厨废弃物管理办法(试行)》。 In May 2014, the Anshun Municipal People's Government formulated and issued the “Anshun Food and Kitchen Waste Management Measures (Trial)”.

安顺市餐厨废弃物全链条监管方案 》,并于6月19日上报市人民政府。 (II) In order to implement the recommendations of the Kunming Special Office of the Audit Office and according to the work arrangements of the Municipal People's Government, the Municipal Housing and Urban Construction Bureau began to draft the plan in April 2019; the first draft was held on May 9 at the city ’s kitchen waste collection, transportation and disposal site promotion meeting. According to the revised drafts of the participating units, according to the revised drafts of the participating units, they were sent to the relevant departments for written comments on June 12; the revised opinions collected twice were revised to complete the " Anshun Food Waste Full Chain Supervision Plan "and reported it to the Municipal People's Government on June 19.

Content introduction

(I) Working principles: Adhere to the principles of “source construction, grid management, chain linkage, strict law enforcement, and scientific treatment”.

(II) Work requirements: The city-level co-ordination and county (district) -based working mechanism shall completely prohibit the feeding of pigs with kitchen waste, and block the transmission of kitchen waste from the source. Further strengthen the supervision and management of food waste generation, collection, storage, transfer, and disposal in the city, severely investigate and deal with suspected illegal acts of food waste, speed up the construction of food waste treatment facilities, and realize the entire food waste industry. The chain regulates supervision and disposal goals.

(3) Work objective: With "full chain supervision" as the focus and "standardized management" as the goal, it is prohibited to feed hogs with food waste in the city. Before June 30, 2019, comprehensively standardize the kitchen waste disposal management mechanism, and establish and improve the city's kitchen waste inspection and supervision ledger. The counties (districts) further strengthened the collection, transportation, and disposal of kitchen waste to achieve full coverage of kitchen waste disposal. Guizhou Hongneng Environmental Protection Energy Technology Co., Ltd. builds complete collection and transportation facilities, increases staff, and achieves full-time operation 24 hours. As of October 1, 2019, the city's food waste collection chain supervision mechanism has been established. All counties (districts) plan to construct decontamination treatment facilities for food and kitchen waste in their respective jurisdictions. By 2020, all counties (districts) for food and kitchen waste treatment facilities will be completed and put into operation.

市发展改革委、市财政局、市督查督办局、市审计局、 市住房城乡建设局、 市市场监管局、市农业农村局、市公安局、市交通运输局、市司法局、市商务局、市生态环境局、市卫生健康局 、市机关事务管理局、 市教育局、市自然资源局、市水务局 (4) Government departments involved: People's governments of counties (districts), Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Finance Bureau, Municipal Supervision and Supervision Office, Municipal Audit Bureau, Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau, Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau , Municipal Public Security Bureau, Municipal Transportation Bureau, Municipal Judicial Bureau, Municipal Commerce Bureau, Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, Municipal Health and Health Bureau , Municipal Organs Affairs Administration, Municipal Education Bureau, Municipal Natural Resources Bureau, Municipal Water Affairs Bureau .

(5) Management objects: kitchen waste generating units, farms, pig feed production enterprises, kitchen waste treatment plants.

(6) Scope of implementation: Within the city, the central urban areas (Xixiu District, Pingba District, and Development Zone) are the focus of work.

(7) Project implementation period: long-term supervision.

(注意事项、关键词诠释、社会群众关切点、惠民便民举措、新旧政策差异等) 4. Grasp the key points of the Plan (notes, key words interpretation, social concerns, benefits for the convenience of the people, differences between old and new policies, etc.)

(I) Comprehensively strengthen supervision and law enforcement, establish a joint prevention and control mechanism, comprehensively improve processing capabilities, and highlight the supervision of key links. Departments at all levels should organize comprehensive and detailed investigations to highlight the focus of kitchen waste generation units, farms, and kitchen waste treatment plants of pig feed production enterprises. Establish and improve the reporting and reward mechanism, strictly enforce the law, and comprehensively prohibit the illegal sale of kitchen waste.

(2) Strengthen publicity and guidance. Strengthen the supervision of the whole chain of food waste and the publicity of the harmfulness of food waste from feeding pigs, so that the majority of market players, farms (households), and the general public are aware of the danger of feeding food waste from food waste, and reverse the ideologically. The habit of feeding pigs with kitchen waste consciously resists the behavior of feeding pigs with kitchen waste. (Interpretation unit: Anshun Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau)

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