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耄耋 Application for poverty alleviation for the elderly
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"This is the application for poverty alleviation that the elderly Lu Guoxiang handed over to us." Recently, the reporter came to Canglong Village, Xinpu Town, Guanling Autonomous County. An application for poverty alleviation was found in the materials.

"Through the help of the cadres in the village and the cadres of the two committees of the village branch, the subsistence allowance was resolved for me; the three grandchildren not only did not have to pay money for their studies, they also enjoyed subsidies; they were uncomfortable, doctors visited the house, and the party The national policy is very good. Now that the three grandchildren have grown up, they no longer have to worry about using, eating, dressing, and living. They have reached the standards for poverty alleviation, and they have applied to the village committee to take the initiative to eradicate poverty. "In this simple application, Word by word is full of the gratitude of the nearly 80-year-old man to the party and the country, the recognition of the work of poverty alleviation cadres, and his own expectations of poverty alleviation.

With this application for poverty alleviation, the reporter came to Lu Guoxiang's home to listen to his story of poverty alleviation.

People often say, "There is a great sorrow in the world, and it is better to send black hair to someone with white hair." This sentence is even more heavy and profound for the elderly Lu Guoxiang and Wei Shunzhen. Sixteen years ago, the only child who was working far away in a different place was hit by a flying stone in the head because of a projectile bombardment on the site. He died unfortunately. Bad news came, making this family that was supposed to be happy and instantly fragmented.

"Six months after the death of his son, the youngest grandson was born." Wei Shunzhen, who was a mother, remembered the past, and after many years, her eyes were red.

The son died unexpectedly, and his daughter-in-law left sadly to go to work outside the home. The three young grandsons in the family became a stumbling block between the two elderly people. "The roof pillar of the house fell down, but this house can't fall!" Seeing three young children, Lu Guoxiang and Wei Shunzhen, who were more than 60 years old at the time, made up their minds that no matter how hard and tired they would be, they would also have to give their dolls a book and send them Pull up and grow up.

"At that time, the family had a large population, and the food was only enough for their own food." Lu Guoxiang told reporters that there were many people and no income, and the three grandchildren had to go to school. The family conditions were very difficult. At that time, as long as I heard which one in the village asked someone to transplant rice, Two old men are always the first to sign up. "It costs 8 yuan to plant a day of seedlings, and the days are very hard."

In 2014, considering the loss of children by the elderly and the fact that there were too many dolls in the family and living a hard life, the Lu Guoxiang family was rated as a poor household with a file and a card, and they actively applied for the minimum living allowance. With the help of poverty alleviation policies, grandchildren don't spend money on reading. When they get sick, family doctors go to the clinic for treatment. Coupled with the cost of living sent by their daughter-in-law after the job is stable, the elderly's life is getting better.

In Lu Guoxiang's home, the reporter saw several large buckets filled with rice. "Now we can't finish the food at home. Don't look at our old age, but the land has not been abandoned." Paddy, wheat, corn, peanuts, vegetables ... The elderly planted nearly three acres of land in the home, three pigs And three cows are also fed fat and strong.

Hard work is the brightest quality of the couple. The slope farthest from the home that needs to be climbed for nearly half an hour is still planted with corn; there is no weed in the vegetable field and it is cleaned very well; the firewood in the home is piled into "walls" on the aisle; doors and windows of the new house The stairs are carpentry work and mason work made by the elderly. Even the stone platform at the gate is planted with cabbage and green onions ...

"The two old men are notoriously hardworking in the village, and they will not be abandoned even as far away as possible. Although the conditions in the home are difficult, they still pull the three dolls into their hands and get help from the party and the country, and their lives change. Really big. "Neighbor Yang Yufu admired the hard-working qualities of the couple.

"As long as you still move, you can't just sit back and take off this 'hat' of the poor households." The old man told reporters that the Party and the government have good policies and there is a minimum living allowance for living. Pigs, cattle, eat, wear, and live without worry. "Now the two grandsons are working in Zhejiang with their daughter-in-law and earning money to build a new house. The youngest grandson is studying in Chongqing and has grown up. We are not worried about it. In August this year, I discussed with my wife and could n’t discuss it anymore. It has caused trouble for the country, so I asked the literate folks in the village to help me write an application for poverty alleviation and gave it to the village committee.

After experiencing great changes at home, the two elders still worked hard and worked hard. With the help of the party's and the state's poverty reduction policies, their lives were better. In the words of the old man, he submitted the application for poverty alleviation, and the stones in his heart fell down, and his waist was straighter.

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