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What you need to know about writing a letterI want to write a letter

Notes for writing a letter

The Mayor's Mailbox on the Anshun City People's Government website explains:

1. Scope of acceptance: The "Mayor's Mailbox" column on the portal of the Anshun Municipal People's Government is commissioned by the mayor. It is a place to accept citizens, legal persons and other organizations' consultations, complaints, opinions and suggestions to the people's governments at all levels in Anshun and government work departments. Online window.

2. Processing procedure: The mail of "Mayor's Mailbox" is received, registered, replied, and processed by a special person at regular intervals. Important letters are picked up and reported to the city leaders in a timely manner, and they are handed over to the relevant responsible departments for processing according to the instructions of the leaders. The principle of "territorial management and hierarchical responsibility, who is in charge and who is responsible" is transferred to the relevant functional departments of the Office for proper handling.

3. Time limit for replying; your letter will be assigned and transferred to the responsible unit through a certain procedure, and a reply will be given within a certain time limit. The consultation letter will be answered within 2 to 3 working days; opinions, suggestions and Complaint letters should, in principle, be answered within 5 working days, and those that require investigation and verification should be completed within 15 working days.

4. Operation Tips: Log on to the homepage of the mayor and find the mayor's mailbox under online interaction (online consultation)-write to the mayor (I want to consult)-read the description of the mayor's mailbox (online consultation)-fill in the personal information according to the instructions Information and Submissions-Enter Verification Code-Submit-Complete writing (online consultation).

5. Attention: The author must abide by the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China; he must not publish obscenities, pornography, personal attacks and anti-government speeches; in order to prevent network viruses and hackers, the letters are submitted on the page and are currently not accepted Attachments are sent; for ease of handling, it is recommended to reflect the problem by one letter; the law-related matters should be reported to the judicial authority; the mayor's mailbox must be registered, and the personal registration information must be objective and truthful.

6. User privacy system: Thank you very much for your strong support for the work of the municipal government. We will guarantee that your personal information will not be leaked.

7. Modification of Terms of Service: We reserve the right to modify these terms without prior notice.

并请妥善保管信件编号和查询码(电话号码),否则无法查询信件回复,信件编号和查询码丢失请使用信件标题功能查询;在给信箱写信前,请认真阅读《信箱说明》及《安顺市人民政府门户网站“市长信箱”管理办法》 8. Reminder: The letter must be filled in with the real name and real number. If it is not verified by the “Mayor's Mailbox” management agency, it will not be accepted, and please keep the letter number and inquiry code (phone number) properly, otherwise you cannot Inquiry letter reply, letter number and inquiry code are lost, please use the letter title function to inquire; before writing to the letter box, please read the "description of the letter box" and "Administrative Measures for the" Mayor's Letter Box "on the portal of Anshun Municipal People's Government"

Anshun Municipal People's Government Portal Website "Mayor's Mailbox" Management Measures.doc